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Ms. Bento Lunch Jar

Love in a Lunchbox

If you like the idea of dining from a bento box at a Japanese restaurant, you might like to meet the Ms. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar.

A traditional bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal, usually in a box-shaped container that’s divided into compartments. But Ms. Bento takes things vertical. The Lunch Jars are stainless steel containers into which covered bowls fit, stacked on top of each other. The sturdy, insulated thermos keeps hot things hot (like soup, chili, or pasta) and cold things cold (salad
greens, carrots, or cucumber slices). The blue 2 tier set also comes with chop sticks and the 3 tier set has a forked spoon.

The Ms. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar is made by the Japanese firm Zojirushi, which is known for its high quality kitchenware. As the school year continues, it’s a great way to send off the kids with nutritious lunches. But it’s not just for kids. A three-course meal in an easy, sleek container is great for taking to work, on the ski slopes, or on a picnic. Why not treat yourself or your child to a homemade meal on-the-go? We like to think of Ms. Bento as packing love in a lunchbox.

— Rita
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Julie

    I am happy to be here today to answer any questions you may have about the Ms. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar. You will love how this product opens up your lunch possibilities. Now you can send a warm meal with your kids or your spouse or pack for yourself and you'll know that at lunchtime everyone will be greeted with the tastes and smells of your kitchen!

    As a representative for Zojirushi products in the US, I have always been impressed with their innovative products and their dedication to quality. We are proud to stand behind their products. It's great to have them discovered by Daily Grommet, too.

  • Desmond
    8/24/2010 12:32 PM

    This looks great. I do like how the "three courses" make a packed lunch special. Question: I am presuming that in the three compartments everything is hot and/or "neutral" (like the apples) OR cold and/or neutral. I am presuming that you can not do hot in one compartment and cold in another at the same time. Is that correct?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    8/24/2010 12:48 PM

    @DJP - Right - it is either hot and neutral or cold and neutral. The item that needs to be kept the coldest/hottest gets placed at the bottom with the most neutral item at the top.

  • Cathy
    8/24/2010 1:10 PM

    How long will it keep hot foods hot without reheating? Some days I go to night classes directly from work and don't have easy access to a microwave after leaving home in the morning.

  • Julie
    Julie – Special Guest
    8/24/2010 1:37 PM


    Heat retention approx 149 degrees F for 6 hours

    Cold retention approx 50 degrees F for 6 hours

    They really do keep the food that is in them either very cold or very hot for quite some time.

  • Kelly
    8/24/2010 1:50 PM

    Is the soup bowl leak- proof?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    8/24/2010 2:14 PM

    @Kelly - yes, the containers have screw-on lids with rubber gaskets. The soup bowl even has a 1-way valve to let out steam.

  • Julie
    8/24/2010 2:55 PM

    Is the plastic BPA free?

  • Julie
    Julie – Special Guest
    8/24/2010 3:38 PM

    Julie - yes the plastic is BPA free.

  • Debbie
    8/24/2010 3:45 PM

    What are the dimensions of this?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    8/24/2010 5:08 PM

    @Debbie, the capacity of the bowls are: Main Bowl 10.5 oz. / Side Bowl 11.2 oz. / Soup Bowl 6.8 oz.

    The dimension is: 4-15/16 x 4-3/8 x 8-1/8 inches

  • Sandy
    8/24/2010 10:08 PM

    I recently saw these on an episode of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" and wondered who made them and how to get them. So glad to see them on here, Thanks!!!

  • Michael Rivers
    Michael Rivers
    8/25/2010 9:01 AM

    Oh look! Tiffin boxes made by the Japanese. How clever of them!

  • Joy
    12/28/2010 6:22 PM

    @Michael Rivers: what's old is new again--or at least newly packaged. (Seriously, though, I don't remember them being thermos-quality insulated).

  • Hope
    8/25/2010 11:40 AM

    Is there a handle on the outside to make carrying the Ms Bento easy? Or is the added carrying bag supplied because there's no handle otherwise?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    8/25/2010 11:55 AM

    @Hope - the container itself does not have a carrying handle.

    @Michael - thanks for that link. (If you click on Michael's name, you will be taken to a Wikipedia article on Tiffin carriers) They do look similar in concept but I don't see that those are insulated to keep items hot or cold. I love their look, though! I am searching on Tiffin carriers and finding some fun things out there! If you have have a particular product or company that you like, please tell us about it above where it says "Submit a Grommet". Thanks Michael!

  • Jay
    9/15/2010 10:49 AM

    Is there a smaller version with two jars to keep food hot? I love the concept but this one is too big my my kids! Or is there one jar that has a divided compartment?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    9/15/2010 11:01 AM

    @Jay - Zojirushi does have a two-tier version and we have just added it to our offering. Thanks for posting!

  • Leah
    12/27/2010 5:05 PM

    *post edited by admin to comply with our no outside advertising policy.

  • Melanie Shellito
    Melanie Shellito
    12/27/2010 5:26 PM

    @Leah: Leah, if you are considering a Goodbyn (or anyone else for that matter) you should know that smaller kids (mine is 4) and even their teachers have a very hard time opening the Goodbyn and more importantly closing it properly (yogurt dripped throughout the bookbag... bad). In addition, I haven't found an icepack that fits well in any compartment so you're left to hope the food stays at a decent temp in the kids' lockers. I love the Goodbyn concept, but there are flaws. I'm VERY intrigued by this one by Zojirushi!

  • kathleen ash
    kathleen ash
    12/27/2010 6:36 PM

    Sold Out? 12/27/10 Just got the email today. Gone already? when will you have more?

  • Victoria Buldak
    Victoria Buldak
    12/27/2010 8:14 PM

    Our web server was down due to bad weather in the East! Just found this email offering, and note that it says it is sold out, will Grommet offer this again at the special deal price?

    Can you tell us where we can purchase this if it will not be available here?

  • Tammy Walls
    Tammy Walls
    12/28/2010 10:22 AM

    I just saw the Zojirushi bento online and in stock at Amazon for the same price here!! So excited to take advantage of the offer.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    12/30/2010 12:22 AM

    @Kathleen and @Victoria, the blue 2-tier lunch jar will not be available through Daily Grommet going forward. We will get the 3-tier stainless lunch jar back in-stock in mid-January.

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