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Category: Citizen Commerce

  • The Grommet Meets BEAMS

    Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

    One of the ways The Grommet extends the concept of Citizen Commerce is by pursuing new opportunities for our Makers. Seeing them grow their businesses and succeed is the main objective. We’re very excited to share our collaboration with the iconic Japanese lifestyle brand BEAMS and to share with you the collection of Grommets their team selected to be offered for sale through Rakuten Ichiba.

    Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

    BEAMS is well known in Japan for its carefully curated product selections. They have 30 different brands, and each one features beautifully designed retail shops that are merchandised by the look and feel of the products, making shopping a comfortable and delightful experience. They offer men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories, as well as home goods, luggage and music.

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  • Play Ball! Voting Season is Now Open

    Here at The Grommet, we're rethinking the way people fundamentally launch, discover, share, influence and buy products online. Daily, we encourage our community of Makers and Supporters to submit their product ideas to our Citizens' Gallery. Whenever someone tells us about their favorite product we post that idea our Citizens' Gallery and encourage you to learn about and interact with the product submissions we receive every day; voting "up" those you think should succeed most.


    If you've been following along our 2nd Annual Product Pitch event, you'll recognize it as a Product Pitch Competition that brings our every day search to a larger playing field. We've closed  submissions and are in full swing with semifinalist moving on into the regular season. Our team of Grommet coaches has narrowed the playing field. Now it’s up to our community of Makers, Hackers, Inventors, and Fans to help decide which six problem solvers have what it takes to advance to the Final Pitch at Fenway Park.

    Product Pitch Competiton

    Vote now to help your favorite problem solver make it to the big leagues.

    From home plate to home run, the success of could-be-Grommets depends on the votes and voices of our community.

    Voting Phase: February 16 - 28, 2014

    The Final Pitch at Fenway Park: March 20, 2014

    Click here to vote for your favorite product to advance to The Final Pitch.

  • Announcing: The 2nd Annual Product Pitch Contest

    how to pitch a productHave you ever had an innovative idea that could solve a common problem, change the world, or make something better? The founders of THINX did. Antonia Dunbar and sisters, Miki and Radha Agrawal, decided it was time to rethink women’s underwear. Last year, they entered our Product Pitch competition along with hundreds of other entrepreneurs for a chance to take their business to the next level. Voters at The Grommet’s 2013 Product Pitch Event agreed that THINX was that next great innovative idea and last week, they launched on The Grommet. You can see their video here.


    Now, right on the heels of last year's winner becoming a Grommet, we're warming up for our next 2nd Annual Product Pitch Season.



    Think your problem solver or hack has what it takes to be a Grommet? Great news, we're kicking off The 2nd Annual Product Pitch Contest and want to hear why your product should be our next winner.

    Submit your product for a chance to be one of 30 players to make it to the voting phase. Product submissions must fall into one of two categories: Ready for Crowdfunding or Ready for Market.  So, get those cameras rolling because we'll be asking for your video submissions beginning January 27, 2014.

    Here's first glance at our upcoming Product Pitch season

    Training Camp: The Submission Phase

    Submit your product for a chance to be one of 30 players (15 per category) to make it to the voting phase.

    Opening Day: January 27, 2014

    Closing Day: February 7, 2014

    Regular Season: The Voting Phase

    Vote daily to help your favorite product make it to the big leagues at the Final Pitch Event at Fenway stadium. The success of each contestant depends on the support of our community. So you'll want to keep the votes coming.

    Polls Open: February 17, 2014

    Polls Close: February 28, 2014

    Playoff Day March 20, 2014: The Final Pitch

    The top 3 most voted for products per category (6 products in all) will take their pitch to Fenway Park for a chance to be the Grand Prize Winner in their category.

    Click here for complete details on our 2014 Product Pitch event.


  • Small Business Saturday at The Grommet

    Small Business Saturday: The Grommet

    This Saturday, November 30th is Small Business Saturday, a tradition that American Express started only a few years ago, but has gained enough steam to project close to 5 billion dollars in consumer spending last year as a result. It started as a way to empower people to make a difference in their own community, giving their dollars and support to their own town, or one that means something to them. It has since grown to be that and so much more.

    At The Grommet, we stand behind our makers and the majority of them are also small businesses. From Brooklyn, NY to Ann Arbor, Michigan to Bozeman, Montana, our Grommets are being made and manufactured in these towns where people live, work, play and call home. So this year we’re letting our Community know that by shopping for their favorite products on The Grommet, they’ll be supporting people all across the U.S., as well as The Grommet itself. We too are a small business located outside Boston, in a town called Somerville, MA. We’re proud to be located in this “maker dense” neighborhood and do our part every day to give back to the town that has given us so much. Want to know more about some of our Makers across the country? Read on..

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  • The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur

    Social Entrepreneur ----------------------------A child studying next to a Waka Waka solar powered light.


    Business and philanthropy are two words that haven’t always been seen together, and some might argue they're polar opposites. Things like corporate social responsibility have always existed, but often in silos, unrelated to the core mission of an organization. Here at The Grommet, we've noticed a growing trend recently where these lines are crossing and companies are existing to do good and watch their bottom line at the same time. More and more companies are popping up that combine a social change aspect such as donating their products, or a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization.

    So is the business world shifting to be more conscious overall?

    We think the answer is yes. Looking at the world holistically, we see a far different place than even 20 years ago. Technology has allowed us to operate on a global scale and the internet has created a whole new way to create change, which people are finding new ways to do every day (think crowdfunding platforms which is a fairly new business).  The line between business and good has blurred as more companies realize their obligation and potential to help their customers, community and other stakeholders.

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  • A crowdfunding site that IS a store

    The Grommet loves watching the innovation pouring out of crowdfunding and we follow the crowdfunding space very closely. In fact, as a company we actually invest in ideas that we think have real, long-term potential.

    Crowdfunding platforms can be a great feedback mechanism for consumer demand. The feedback product creators receive from the community is so valuable as they iterate their concepts and designs. Five of our Product Pitch participants launched Indiegogo campaigns after their big day at Fenway last month (quick, check them out, funding deadlines closing soon!) and they have received great feedback from the community.

    Once crowdfunded products are ready for retail launch, we love introducing their story to the world and actually helping them to sell on our site and off-site through our retail placement partners.

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  • NYIGF feels like home

    In some ways, walking the floors of the New York International Gift Fair (or NYIGF) feels familiar, like home. Perhaps because it's been a place we've gone to for years in search of great new products with compelling stories. Maybe the welcoming feeling comes from the many familiar faces of Grommet Partners who we've launched and now work with daily who we are spotting in booth after booth. It could simply be that  when we are surrounded by  innovation, exceptional design and good packaging, we are in "our element."

    product launch | Trades of the East

    Joanne catching up with Grommet partner Haim Shahar, founder of Trades of the East.

    new products at NYIGF

    We stopped for a little playtime with our friends Cate & Levi. We just launched their wool animal puppets on Grommet last week!

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  • Prime for pinning: Grommets shine on Pinterest

    Our Grommets are showing up all over Pinterest, and it's no wonder. Pinterest is a great place to capture creativity, inspiration and innovation. Here's a look at our most recent top-pinned Grommets:

    popular products-on-pinterest

    Above: Cuppow, ThredUp, Yogibo, Neatnix, On The Hook

    If you're pinning, we'd love for you to follow us. Plus, if you spot a product that you think would make a great Grommet,  let us know! We'd love for you to join our group Pinterest board and help us discover the next Grommet idea.

    Also, be sure to leave a link to YOUR Pinterest profile in a comment below so we can follow your pins!

  • Will you help us Rock the Vote?

    Our relationships with our Grommet partners lasts well beyond launch day. We want to see their businesses expand, grow and thrive and are eager to help them succeed. We've recently learned that several of our Grommet partners have entered in Mission: Small Business -- a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial to help small businesses across the US by awarding up to 12 individual $250,000 Grants. Now THAT sounds like an opportunity for growth!

    To become a finalist, each business will need to gain 250 votes  before June 30th -- no simple feat. We'd love to help them boost up their numbers, so what do you say Grommet community? Can we take a couple minutes and vote for these guys?

    To help support our Grommet partners:

    1. Visit Mission Small Business

    2. Log in with Facebook

    3. Search for business names: Malpaca, Allurements, Jon Wye, Back to the Roots, YAK Apparel and Bottlehood (then just click support)

    Are you a small business who has also entered this contest? Feel free to leave your business name below and let others know you'd love a vote.

    Good luck to all of the participants!

    You can learn more about the  Grommets mentioned above by visiting our original feature of Malpaca, Allurements, Jon Wye, Back to the Roots, YAK Apparel and BottleHood on Daily Grommet.

  • Surfacing the most viable and inspiring products

    Recently,  Peter Davison shared with us a speech he gave, during which he discussed the current state of crowdsourcing. We were honored to hear Daily Grommet mentioned (at around 10:06 of video) and to be included in Peter's TEDx speech.

    As Peter points out, some of the early iterations of crowdsourcing, like getting a graphic design project created at 99Designs, are just  scratching the surface of this cultural and technical advance.  He recognized that at Grommet we are building a powerful crowdsourced platform for deeply impacting the most central of all business activities:  discovering and launching products.  Until we pulled various technologies and media together, most new products were left to the wild to survive.  They would often die before getting discovered.  It was just plain unfair and wasteful that the playing field for innovation was not level.

    Now that we have built a way for an entire global crowdsourcing community to surface viable and inspiring products and even whole new companies.  Once launched on Daily Grommet they have a great fighting chance and are achieving great success.
    We are grateful that Peter Davison, as a domain expert, recognized the impact of what we are building, via crowdsourcing.


    Daily Grommet is mentioned at 10:06

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