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  • Baby Rattle
  • Baby Rattle

Cameo by RUX

Baby Rattle

$180 Restocking


Hand-carved personalized heirloom baby rattles with ends shaped in the image of caregivers' profiles. Engraving optional at no extra cost.

  • Carved from maple wood with a baby-safe finish
  • Rattles when shaken
  • Finished rattle dimensions: Approx. 6"L x 2"W
  • Final delivery of custom rattle is included in the price.

Custom Rattle Process:

1. You (or your gift recipient) will receive a gift card which will provide the website and physical address of the vendor where you can share the images needed to create the rattle.

Buy the Cameo personalized baby gift by RUX here2. Select any two profile photographs. A simple profile shot against a solid background works best (see right photograph). You can include the two profile photos in the prepaid shipping label, or you can follow the included instructions to submit your photo via email or online.

3. Write desired engraving text onto the back of both photos (limit 24 characters) along with your unique gift code/order number.

4. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery after photos are received by carving studio.

5. Receive your custom rattle.

Disclaimer: Representations of individuals may be subject to artistic interpretation or slight altercations in order to allow for fabrication.

Cameo by RUX - Heirloom Rattles

About Cameo by RUX

A Customized Keepsake

Russell Greenberg really puts the heir in heirloom.

The graceful contours of his custom-made wooden baby rattles aren’t based on random curves. They match the profiles of special people, such as a child’s parents, grandparents or siblings. Profile photos of the loved ones serve as a guide, and Russell shapes the ends of the rattles into their likenesses. Each maple rattle is hand-turned on a lathe and finished by hand in his Long Island City, N.Y., workshop.

There are computer-aided machines that could carve a person's profile into a wood form, but for Russell, the joy comes from crafting each
piece by hand. He started creating profile-inspired objects after designing his own wedding ring, and he came up with the idea for a rattle after the birth of his son, Kingston.Russell’s baby rattles are incredibly personal, sentimental and meaningful. It’s a gift that parents will treasure… and babies will enjoy gnawing on until they’re old enough to appreciate the beauty of the timeless keepsake.

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