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  • 1 Clip-on Spout
  • 1 Clip-on Spout
  • 1 Clip-on Spout
  • 1 Clip-on Spout
  • 1 Clip-on Spout


1 Clip-on Spout

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Original patented clip-on spout that easily attaches to mixing, serving bowls, pots, pans, skillets, and double boilers for mess-free pouring and straining..

  • Mess-free, precision pouring and straining.
  • One size, red.
  • Adaptable to a very wide range of containers, from multi-gallon buckets to cereal bowls.  Works best on bowls without large lips.
  • Made of high temperature food-grade silicone in China.
  • Can withstand cooking temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Doubles as a spoon rest.
  • Strain hot/cold oil or grease off bacon or hamburger
  • Pour gravy and sauces
  • Easily pour hot soup, hot chocolate - no more drips
  • Drain fruit salad, vegetables, rice, pasta
  • Drizzle hot butter, chocolate and caramel
  • Pour cake mixes - cupcakes, muffins, pancake mix
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x3.5"x3"
  • Weight: 0.1875lbs

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7/31/2014 by Bruce for 1 Clip-on Spout

great! love it!


Many uses!

7/30/2014 by Tamara for 1 Clip-on Spout

Watch the video and you'll get an idea of the many functions this thing can perform. It clips on the edge of any pan or bowl. It can be used as a spoon rest as well as a spout. And the strainer detaches so you can use it just as a spout or to strain off liquids. I expect I'll be using this a lot in canning season. It's silicone, by the way, so it's made from sand, not petroleum, it's nontoxic, and has no odor.


Works as advertised

7/24/2014 by Edith for 1 Clip-on Spout

Not much I say about this. You stick it into a pot, you drain the water. I haven't used it for pouring batter, though, but maybe that's next.


great product

7/16/2014 by Margaret for 1 Clip-on Spout

Very easy to use and makes pouring water off a lot easier. Just be careful not to burn your fingers putting it on. I learned to put it on before heating pot.


Love it

7/13/2014 by Joan for 1 Clip-on Spout

This is one of the handiest things I have

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Silpoura - Clip-on Spout

About Silpoura

Pour It On

The longer we played with Silpoura, the more uses we found for this handy gadget. You can drain pasta, strain grease from bacon and sautéed hamburger, drizzle melted chocolate like a pro, and pour cupcake and pancake batter without drips or splatters. And that’s just in the kitchen. In the garage or workshop, Silpoura makes it a breeze to pour paint and stains.

The inventor, James Archer, came up with the idea for Silpoura after seeing his wife, Gail, struggle to drain bacon grease into a soda can during a camping trip. After many prototypes, he created the clip-on Silpoura spout, which comes
with its own detachable strainer. It easily attaches to mixing and serving bowls, pots, pans, skillets and double boilers. You can pour and strain with precision, and Silpoura also doubles as a spoon rest. It’s a true go-to gadget that makes short work of everyday kitchen and cooking tasks.

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