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Cocoon GRID-IT!

Organization System

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Elastic organization system for electronics and personal items made of a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands.

  • Made of rubberized woven elastics
  • Endless configurations
  • Convenient pocket for additional storage
  • Color: Black
  • Medium:
  • Size: 12“x 8”
  • Weight: 0.73 lbs. / 0.33 kg.
  • Large: 
  • Size: 15“x 9.5”
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs. / 0.48 kg.

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Can use it for ...

4/16/14 by Crystal for Organization System

I use one of my two as a mouse pad. Some surfaces don't let you have good control with your computer mouse. Turn this over and it works great. I was bed ridden after surgery and used it on my bed, also as a mouse pad. I sewed a handle on my other one and can carry all my gadget stuff with me from one place to another, when it's a short trip and don't want to bother with a bag. Can't do without it now.


Great item!

4/7/14 by Catherine for Organization System

I purchased the large Grid-It. It fits flat in my laptop bag and holds ALL the items I wanted to put into it (for laptop, tablet, smartphone, plus small backup drives). It takes up much less space than the items did separately, and I don't have to rummage through pockets trying to remember where I stowed individual items. The outside pocket is handy for storing discs, documentation, and other flat items, keeping everything together. I would definitely recommend it to organize the cords, chargers, flash drives, and other items needed for multiple technical gadgets.


Very effective!

3/31/14 by Mark for Organization System

It's really nice to be able to see what you need. Everything, right in front of you!


Everyone loves them!

3/17/14 by Virginia for Organization System

I've given these as gifts to my techno nephews and they loved them. The high schooler used his to organize cords and phone paraphernalia and keeps it in his back pack. I gave one to a friend who loves it for travel. Guess I'll have to get one for me next!

They seem well made and well thought out to organize all kinds and shapes of things


Perfect for travel and home organization!

3/16/14 by Chris for Organization System

I ordered this for my husband to use when traveling. He likes that there is a place for everything and that he can easily locate what he wants. He keeps it loaded and uses it at home as well.



3/14/14 by Krista for Organization System

Looking forward to this genius product! I would have bought multiples but the shipping kept doubling for each qty. actually 3.99 for each I mean. It seems a high price for shipping 1 box of 3!



3/10/14 by james for Organization System

Very handy. I have two,and use them both.


Fantastic idea!

3/9/14 by Deborah for Organization System

This is great for work and travel. I no longer have to dig through my bag to find what I need


All neat!

3/6/14 by Michelle for Organization System

I used this recently when traveling to keep all of my chargers organized. It worked brilliantly! However, mine didn't look quite like the picture... Whoever organized those cords is a master of neatness! :) I also bought the large Grid-It with the hopes of using it somehow in our RV. I'm sure it will be very handy!!



3/5/14 by Rolf for Organization System

This item will help me keep my travel brief case fully organized and I look forward to making good use of the cocoon Grid-It!

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GRID-IT! Organizer-Versatile Gadget Organizer

About Cocoon GRID-IT!

Reinventing Personal Organization

If you’re like us, you know the sinking feeling all too well. You can hear your cell phone ringing from its depths, but can only imagine which nook it’s in now. Chargers and headphones have become a tangled nest of cord. Why can you never find your keys, calculator or hand cream?

Don’t fret, the Cocoon GRID-IT! organizer will put a quick end to your fishing expeditions. It uses a weave of sticky rubberized elastic webbing to hold your personal objects in place and comes in three sizes to fit any carry all. You don’t have to bother with fitting items into a particular slot or pocket; the
GRID-IT is a personal organizer that provides hundreds of configurations and ably keeps your stuff visible, secure and handy.

Dario Antonioni, founder of the Los Angeles design studio Orange22, created the system to be versatile, unlike other organizers that tie you to a specific carrying case for each of your myriad gadgets. The flat design makes it easy to slip into a laptop case or backpack, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you can simply pull out your loaded organizer and send it right through the airport security scanner. Kids can use one to keep track of school supplies. And that junk drawer that’s getting out of control? No more excuses.

— Beth
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