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DeBrand Chocolates

Handmade Confections

Confectionary Artistry

Chocolatier Cathy Brand-Beere thinks inside the box, outside the box, and about the box.

Her repertoire of fine chocolates includes luscious caramels, all-natural fruit creams, and distinctive truffle combinations bursting with flavors. But that's not all. Cathy, who has been making chocolates since she was nine years old, wanted something special to contain her sweet and savory confections, so she designed boxes made out of
chocolate. Her handcrafted, edible containers are mouthwateringly detailed -- the perfect vessels for DeBrand’s signature chocolates or for a special gift of your own (we’re imagining a special keepsake presented in a fine chocolate container). And they taste as delicious as they look.

DeBrand uses only quality ingredients, sourced from around the world, to make its chocolates in Fort Wayne, Ind. Cathy grew up in family of confectionary artists, and she’s continuing the tradition with her passion for fine chocolates and inventive presentations. Are you ready to make an edible impression?

-- Ann
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DeBrand Fine Chocolates - Edible Art Boxes

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Cathy

    Hello Fellow Chocolate Lovers! Perfection is my passion, and chocolate is my art! I’d love to share our creations with you. And yes, all of our amazing chocolate boxes are completely made of chocolate and entirely edible as well as fabulously delicious. Questions for me about any of our chocolates? Let’s talk!

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