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Discovery Trekking

Ultra Fast-Dry Towel


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Fast drying towels that fold up easily into any bag for simple traveling.

  • Moisture Wicking: Material pulls moisture from your skin so you dry faster
  • Quick-drying: High-tech fabric distributes moisture over the towel to promote rapid evaporation; dries 3-4 times faster than most towels
  • Antimicrobial: Recycled Silver in towel fibers prevents bacteria-growth, keeping the towel fresh-smelling
  • UV Protective: Towel blocks up to 93% of UV rays
  • Care: Machine wash and dry (or hang dry); Do not bleach
  • Dimensions: 34" x 58"
  • Weight: 9 oz. / 0.56 lb
  • Made in USA.

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7/25/2014 by Margaret for Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

This towel is great it fols up nice and small and dries very quickly.


As advertised

7/4/2014 by Nate for Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

Took it to the Keys a few weeks ago. As advertised, it does not retain sand. And it dries quickly. You do have to modify your toweling technique--"blotting" works better than rubbing.



6/29/2014 by Ruth Ann for Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

Truly does what it promises: absorbs greedily for a quick dry-off, then dries quickly for reuse or packing.


Love it!

5/19/2014 by Tina for Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

Super happy with this purchase! Very lightweight and absorbent towel that doesn't feel like you're drying off with a chamois. It dries out quickly and even after a week of daily use, it hasn't any odor at all! Great as a wrap as well and takes up zero space in your bag.
Totally recommend this for camping, backpacking or days on the water!

It's even great for home use, though it's lack of bulk and fluff takes a little getting use to!


Great product!

10/15/2013 by Shirley for Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

I purchased two of the Discovery Trekking towels for our recent vacation. We wanted to travel light with only carry on bags. They packed great, sand shook right off. We will recommend to our friends!

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Discovery Trekking - Ultra Fast-Dry Towels

About Discovery Trekking

High-Tech Towel

When is a towel more than a towel? When it’s lightweight, antimicrobial, quick-drying, and sunburn-preventing. Like this one.

The fast-dry towel from Discovery Trekking Outfitters is made from an innovative fabric that’s designed to pull the water from your skin and then spread the moisture across the surface area of the fabric so it evaporates quickly. The absorbancy is almost unbelievable; you don’t have to rub, you just touch the towel to your skin and the moisture moves to the towel like a magnet. And after you’re dry, the towel itself dries incredibly fast (up to three times faster than
typical cotton towels).

Leslie Hanes, founder of Discovery Trekking, created the towel to be the perfect companion for swimmers, hikers, travelers, and beach goers like herself. She infused the fabric with built-in Silver Salt antimicrobial technology to discourage bacterial growth (you won’t miss the smell that most towels harbor when they’re soggy), and SPF sun protection. It’s everything you need to stay dry, cozy and protected from the sun.

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