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DrainWig:Clog Preventer

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A universal hair trap that prevents drain clogs for tubs and showers.

  • Fits easily through the shower drain cover
  • No plumber needed and can be disposed after use
  • Universal-Fits any shower drain
  • Green-No chemicals down the drain
  • Easy-Installs without removing the drain cover
  • Hygienic-Dispose without touching the hair
  • Low Maintenance-Replace every 1-3 months
  • Should not be used as a toy or a wearable accessory
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Daisy cap 2 in., chain with rubber whiskers 18 in.

69 Reviews - grouped by rating


Works Well

4/19/14 by Ann Marie for Set of 4

This product worked as stated and has helped with our long hair drain challenges.


Got these for gifts

4/16/14 by Tricia for Set of 4

These are gifts, so no comment



4/13/14 by Karen for Set of 4

Who thought of this?! I LOVE IT! I installed it in our upstairs bathroom and it works! I am saving the others to gift to friends who have long hair and have this problem as well.


Love the idea and it really does work!

3/24/14 by Jo for Set of 4

I had a hard time rating this, so I gave it a 5 because I absolutely love the concept. Sadly, I have a small problem. Actually, she's 4-footed and about 45 lbs (not so small). It's my dog; she loves playing in the bathtub and getting bathed even, and she is obsessed with the Drain Wig and goes out of her way to drag it out to play with (hair and all). I even adapted it (removed some petals, cut down the rest) so it would fit down in the recessed drain rather than sitting on top of it; she licks at it until she can pull it out. So, the Drain Wig has spent more time out of the drain than in it. I know it works because I have seen the hair attached to the "leaves" as the Drain Wig is being dragged around my bedroom (gross!). :-b I will give the 3 extras to my daughter-in-law; maybe her dog will leave it alone. ;-)


Best idea ever

2/24/14 by Kelli for Set of 4

Love the product. my girls and I all have long hair and it is a constant battle to keep the drain clean. We have used many products but they are gross to clean out and so kids don't want to use them and so the drains still get clogged up with hair. I've had one of those moments of "why didn't I think of that". Great invention, good luck with it!!


Love the drain wig

2/18/14 by Pauline for Set of 4

I bought the drain wig, wasn't sure how well it would work. We'll let me tell you it worked great, I LOVE IT!! I will be ordering more. I will never be without a drain wig ever again.


Very Helpfull

2/15/14 by Mary Ann for Set of 4

Works exactly as shown. Simple idea that will make shower clean up much easier and protects our drains.


Easy way to save a plumbing bill

2/12/14 by Cecilia for Set of 4

This product is so easy to use! We only have one shower - but I can see how this product will keep us from getting hair clogs in the shower drain. I think it's awesome - wish there was one that could be used in a bathtub/shower combination and a sink as well!



2/8/14 by LORI for Set of 4

Finally something that stays put...works well. I clean it once a week. Happy I found these.


Easy to use

2/1/14 by Denise for Set of 4

Seems to be working well

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Washroom Decor - DrainWig

About DrainWig

Let your hair down

Long hair is supposed to be a thing of beauty, not a plumbing hazard. But the truth is that even the loveliest of locks can cause drains to clog. Just ask Jennifer and Gifford Briggs, proud parents of five daughters with long blonde hair and the inventors of DrainWig—a clever solution for preventing hair from wreaking havoc on your drain pipes.

The Briggs credit a piece of dental floss that went down the drain for inspiring their invention. When they managed to pull out the floss, a big clump of hair came with it. Take a look at any drain pipe and you’ll see what the Briggs saw—it has a curve.
That curve is where the hair collects and gets stuck. DrainWig is a ball chain with several rubber whiskers that catch the loose hair before it has a chance to reach the curve of your pipe and cause buildup.

Just feed DrainWig down your tub or shower drain and retrieve it a few months later by pulling the white plastic flower. Designed to be simple to replace every three months, DrainWig is a small price to pay compared to plumbers and harsh chemicals that treat the problem, but don’t prevent it from happening again and again. With DrainWig, you can let your hair go down the drain without watching your money go with it.

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