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Custom drawer organizer resolves clutter in minutes.

  • Easy installation
  • Cut to fit, nonslip BaseMat
  • Clean and food grade safe
  • Repositionable pieces
  • Great for: kitchen utensil drawers, desks, tools
  • Offered in (6) colors: red, lime, natural, sky blue, orange, and iris.
  • 21 piece set includes: (1) 20" X 14" silicone basemat, (5) long divitz 3"x1", (10) short divitz 1.5" X 1", (5) triangles .72"X.72”

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Personalize each Drawer

4/15/2014 by Cheryl for Deluxe Kit

Love this. Works wonderfully in each drawer. Changeable to fine tune as needed. Great idea that gives style and fun while meeting an essential practical need.


Love it!!

4/10/2014 by Mary for Deluxe Kit

I love this Drawer kit. I put it in the drawer below my stove top and it keeps everything organized. It is so versatile. You can move the inserts around to fit different size items!


Drawer Decor

4/7/2014 by Ann for Deluxe Kit

These are great drawer organizers. They are bright and cheerful and helped me to cut down on all of the duplicate utensils that I really didn't need. Now I can open my drawer and findwhat I am looking for without having to dig around. I purchased one set of blue and one of green, it is fun to mix the pieces up as they coordinate very well!


Disorder to order in minutes!

3/24/2014 by Shari for Deluxe Kit

This brought order to my unorganized (and possibly dangerous) knife drawer. Now everything is lined up and accessible instead of being a jumbled mess of knives. and the purple adds a cheery pop of color.


Great functionality!

3/24/2014 by Tia for Deluxe Kit

I just moved in to a new house and was so excited to have my DrawerDecor in red to match my kitchen decor. It was super easy to install and fun to play with the infinite ways to store everything! I'm sure I'll be moving things around several more times but that's why it's so great - I can move things all I want!

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DrawerDecor - custom drawer organizer

About DrawerDecor

You Can Conquer Clutter

Do you have a scary kitchen drawer? One where you’ve been stabbed by a bamboo skewer, strafed by a can opener and pierced by a corkscrew? Now you can put your mind at ease and straighten out that mess with an easy, customizable organizer.

The creator is entrepreneur Keith Nielson, who refused to let clutter take over his drawers, craft and tool areas. His solution is DrawerDecor, a DIY system of modular sheets and dividers that can be trimmed and repositioned to fit your drawers, toolboxes and desktops. Each 16-piece set comes with one nonslip BaseMat made from food-grade silicone. There’s
also an assortment of Divitz dividers, which stick to the BaseMat so you can create perfectly sized storage slots for even your most irregularly sized tools and utensils.

Decked out in red, green, blue, orange or purple, your work area will look and feel like it’s had a mini face-lift. You, too, can conquer clutter and put an end to junk drawer mayhem.

— Rita
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