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Handmade Peruvian Knitwear

Cold-weather Treasures

A favorite hat and a spontaneous trip to Peru sparked a new venture for Emily Green, who canvases the country by bus, taxi and foot to find the talented artisans who knit her hats, scarves and arm warmers.

Emily’s designs are modern and impactful, yet also cozy and warm. Her scarves have a sculptural quality that adds dimension to your wardrobe, and her arm warmers deliver an extra punch of personality. They’re made entirely
from sheep’s wool or pure alpaca wool, which is warm, durable and hypoallergenic.

All the pieces are handcrafted in Peru, where Emily collaborates with artisans such as Lydia, who learned to knit using a pair of nails as needles, and Rosa, who says she knits best while on her feet, rocking one of her children. Peru has a long history of textile innovations, and the artisans who work with Emily are building on knitting traditions that have been passed down for generations. Emily is passionate about her relationships with the knitters, who are earning supplemental income for their families while gaining positive entrepreneurial experience.

When the chill hits, it’s easy to get wrapped up in Emily’s artistry.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Emily

    Kamisaraki, Allilanchu, Hola, and Hello! I hope everyone is staying warm out there as winter nears. I am so excited that Daily Grommet and emiLime have teamed up to show you all some amazing pieces from Peru. I am lucky enough to live in Peru and work directly with artisans to develop these hand knit 100% alpaca and wool accessories to keep you bundled and cozy on the coldest days. All the pieces that have been selected have a very special story behind them, so I hope that you all enjoy, and if you want to know anything about the products, the people who made them, the materials, etc. please ask!

  •  Susan
    10/23/12 1:35 PM

    Love it,

  • JoAnn
    10/23/12 3:11 PM

    How wonderful for those women to have a market for their skills and a way to express themselves artistically. And how wonderful that they are available for us to purchase thanks to Emily and the Daily Grommet. Thanks guys.

  • JoAnn
    10/25/12 11:47 AM

    Emily, I would like to give some of your products as gifts. Do you enclose literature that would let the person receiving them know about the history of your company and the person who made that item?

    Thank you.

  • Emily
    Emily – Special Guest
    10/25/12 12:12 PM

    Hi Joann! Thanks for your question. Every product has a small hang tag attached that includes the name of the person who made it as well as a link or qr code that will direct you to pictures, videos, and biographies related to that product. They make wonderful gifts!

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