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  • Portable Campfire - 2 Pack
  • Portable Campfire - 2 Pack
  • Portable Campfire - 2 Pack


Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

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Enjoy the magic of a campfire in a tidy, transportable package. Incredibly easy, this quick-light log provides a self-contained flame that lasts for up to two hours. All the fun of an outdoor flame without the risk or commitment of a full campfire.

  • Handmade in USA: Minnesota
  • Made of kiln-dried pine wood
  • Felled from renewable forests
  • Setup is simple: Just light the firestarter through an opening in the side, located under the label
  • Vertical, self-contained flame: Hollowed log burns from the inside-out. Also protects the flame from the wind
  • Non-toxic firestarter
  • Easily transportable with rope handle
  • Burn time of approximately two hours
  • Set contains two (2) logs
  • Warning: For use outdoors, in a fire pit, fireproof base, in a fire pit or in a fireplace
  • Extinguish with water when finished burning
  • Always use caution when handling fire
  • Dimension of Each Log (D x H): 5.0-5.49” x 8” / 12.7-13.9 cm x 20.3 cm
  • Weight of Each Log: 3 lb. / 1.35 kg

18 Reviews - grouped by rating



1/8/14 by tim for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

Just a fun little log.


Great gift

1/6/14 by Jill for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

What a great gift for my outdoorsy brothers. They all loved it!


Great gift!

1/4/14 by Phyllis for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

As a Christmas gift, we bought two pack for our young nephew (age14) who loves to go camping with family. He was excited to receive them and wrote a thank you note. He has not had a chance to use the logs yet, but said he would let me know soon. I think this is a great gift for teenagers who camp, or enjoy back yard activities. It's also a great family gift for those who own an RV.


great for smores

11/30/13 by Margaret for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

very cool single fire place.


Terrific Gift; Fireplace Suggestion

11/27/13 by ARTHUR for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

This is a unique gift--a surprise and delight! If you decide to light it in your fireplace, be sure to pre-heat the chimney flue in order to create a draw up the chimney. If you don't you risk getting the initial smoke from the OneLogFire drawn back into the house.


Interesting and useful

11/12/13 by Lu for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

I purchased this item as a Christmas gift for our neighbors. They camp and I thought they would find this interesting and useful.


Great Idea!!

11/12/13 by Jean for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

This is a wonderful idea! We have used them on the porch in a clay bowl to roast marshmallows and look forward to bringing them to the beach for a mini bonfire in the sand. Easy clean up and lights quickly. Will be keeping them on hand!



10/1/13 by Janet for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

What a wow factor. Bought these 2 for a birthday gift. He loves them so much he won't burn them says there tooo cool to burn will let you know when we add fire


Great gift!

9/20/13 by Kelsey for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

Unique, practical, and special gift for anyone who loves to gather around a fire!


So cool!

9/11/13 by Kelsey for Portable Campfire - 2 Pack

I will definitely be ordering more of these!!

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OneLogFire - Tabletop Camp Fire

About OneLogFire

All fired up

From the fresh pines of northern Minnesota comes OneLogFire, a handcrafted log that’s as easy to light as it is beautiful to gather around and enjoy.

Nobody knows for sure exactly when fire was first discovered. Needless to say, it was a long time ago. So it’s surprising that in today’s day and age, starting a fire can still be quite tricky. That’s why the Bies family created OneLogFire – a transportable, quick-light log that provides a self-contained fire for backyard barbeques, camping trips and other outdoor activities.

Felled from local, renewable forests, each handcrafted, kiln-dried log
is made in Minnesota and built to burn for two hours. Unlike other wood burning fires, OneLogFire stands vertically and pulls in oxygen to burn from the inside out. A firestarter on the side makes it simple to light. Once lit, two hours of warmth and ambience are yours to enjoy worry free from passing breezes and mess free compared to traditional campfires. Made of non-toxic materials, OneLogFire burns clean and hot enough for roasting marshmallows and other light cooking.

The inspiration for this unique design dates back to the days of the Vikings. Kudos to this family-run business for looking to the past for a creative solution to an age-old problem.

- Adeeva
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