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  • In-Bottle Beer Chillers
  • In-Bottle Beer Chillers
  • In-Bottle Beer Chillers

Chillsner (Set of 2)

In-Bottle Beer Chillers

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Screw-on/drink-through beer-cooling rods from Corkcicle.

  • Set of 2 Chillsners
  • Thermal coolant surrounded by stainless steel 
  • Freezes in 45 minutes
  • Store in freezer never in the icemaker
  • Insert into bottle and press firmly to create an airtight seal
  • Dishwasher safe or hand wash with mild dish soap
  • Fits most 12 oz beer bottles
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: L 8 3/4 in.

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7/21/2014 by Carolyn for In-Bottle Beer Chillers



avid beer drinker loves it

7/11/2014 by angel for In-Bottle Beer Chillers

I bought this for a friend who is a beer connoisseur. He always has one in his beer and one in the freezer


Great idea

7/1/2014 by Tracy for In-Bottle Beer Chillers

Gave to my nephew for Father's Day. He loved the idea of his beer staying cold while outside doing yardwork. Very excited!!!!!


Chillin' with Chillsner

6/29/2014 by Bruce for In-Bottle Beer Chillers

This product works exactly as it says. The metal stem stays cold while you consume your favorite beverage. Better than other things that try to keep your beverage cold. For a person serious about their drinking experience it is worth every penny!


Fun Fathers Day Gift

6/26/2014 by Nicole for In-Bottle Beer Chillers

We enjoy using the product! It does keep the drinks in the bottle cold til the last drop...it does make it foamy a little in the beginning but that goes away!

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Chillsner - In-Bottle Beer Chiller

About Chillsner

Chill & Swill

From the makers of The Corkcicle comes an in-bottle beer chiller called The Chillsner. Developed to meet the needs and countless requests of Corkcicle fans who wanted a similar solution for their favorite beer, The Chillsner keeps your brew cool from the first sip to the last drop.

More effective than an ice-cold glass or a koozie, the Chillsner maintains the temperature of your beer from inside the bottle. Unlike ice, it won’t melt and dilute the taste. Simply freeze for 45 minutes, take a sip of beer to make room for the Chillsner, place it inside the bottle, and savor every refreshingly
cool sip.

With its bottle-mouth design, it’s easy to forget the Chillsner is even in the bottle. The only difference is that now while you’re chilling with your friends, your beer will be chilling too.

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