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Spinning Loom Tool

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This tool is required to create the LoopDeDoo Add-Ons, including the Bracelet Chains, Necklace Chains, and Headband kits.

  • LoopDeDoo spinning tool with pull out storage drawer
  • Tool comes with 18 skeins of embroidery thread
  • Instructions manual
  • No batteries or electricity required
  • 15”L x 4.5”W x 3.8”H
  • Made in China
  • Ages 8 and up

27 Reviews - grouped by rating


It's A Hit!

4/3/14 by Laura for Spinning Loom Tool

Purchased two of these - one for my granddaughter's 11th birthday in March and my other granddaughter's 12th birthday in April.

The girls loved it. They live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I mailed them from California where I live. Although "friendship" bracelets have been around for a while, this is a unique tool that will boost creativity and the ability to make some very special bracelets. Crafting has always been a part of our family, so I was happy to come across something like this to inspire my granddaughters. Thank you!



2/15/14 by Becky for Spinning Loom Tool

I gave this to my 11 year old daughter for Valentine's Day. She absolutely loves it!!!!! She has already made a wrist-ful of bracelets and can't wait to make more!!!! Love it!



1/28/14 by Kim for Spinning Loom Tool

Great gadget! It makes it so much easier to produce a friendship bracelet in minutes! My son loves it. He has made some very intricate bracelets. It's not just for girls. I too have had fun crafting bracelets. I totally recommend this product!


It Looks Like So Much Fun!

1/14/14 by Barbara for Spinning Loom Tool

Gave this as a gift to my grand-daughter. She was surprised and pleased as well. She's active in teaching Sunday school classes and this is a new activity for the girls in their youth group. I'm getting a bracelet and necklace set from her. Can't wait to see what she does! ;- )



1/8/14 by Sandi for Spinning Loom Tool

Christmas morning, from the MOMENT our granddaughter (age 14) opened the LoopDeDoo she immediately started making bracelets! setting aside other fun gifts she had received. By the time the Holiday vacation was over she had made herself an armful, had invited the neighbor girls over to create, had made a couple of bracelets for her brother and made sure it was safely packed in her suitcase headed home! so she could carry on making more bracelets with her friends there.

I plan to order the additional Necklace Chains and Headband kits for her Birthday ! What a great gift!


Fun to do.

1/6/14 by Maryanna for Spinning Loom Tool

Finally have a way to use up all the extra embroidery floss I have. So many possibilities!


Perfect Friendship Craft!

1/4/14 by Karen for Spinning Loom Tool

My Middle School granddaughters just loved receiving this item for Christmas! It's the perfect addition to their craft closet and it allows them the joy of creating colorful gift giving to their friends and cousins!


Great product!

1/3/14 by Kate for Spinning Loom Tool

My 13 year old daughter loves this! She's made some really cute and unique stuff. She had a hard time figuring it out at first but got the hang of it from watching youtube videos.



1/2/14 by Kelly. for Spinning Loom Tool

Cool product. The directions were a little difficult to understand. Fun when you get the hang of it.



12/31/13 by Suellen for Spinning Loom Tool

Big success with my 2, 10-12 granddaughters. They started making bracelets the same day.

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LoopDeDoo - Bracelet Making Tool

About LoopDeDoo

Ties of Friendship

Making and exchanging friendship bracelets is a time-honored tradition for kids. When young crafters are ready to take their designs to the next level, LoopDeDoo can get them there. It’s a simple tool that makes it easy to execute sophisticated designs without frustration.

Sheila Wright, an engineer, came up with the plans for LoopDeDoo after seeing her daughter, Amelia, struggle to make traditional woven friendship bracelets. After a number of half-knotted attempts, Sheila knew there had to be a better way.

LoopDeDoo takes the tedium out of bracelet-making. Simply wrap the threads around the
LoopDeDoo device, turn the knob, and guide the thread. The tool does the spinning, and the operator decides the design. You can make color-blocked creations, twisty designs, loops, zigzags and more. LoopDeDoo makes it easy to control the spin, so the bracelets turn out smooth and professional looking.

As bracelet-makers master different design techniques, they can experiment with metallic threads or beads, for instance, and expand their repertoire to include necklaces, anklets, belts, keychains and more. It’s fun, fashionable and user-friendly. And did we mention fast? In just minutes, a buddy can make a special bracelet for a best pal. That’s what friends are for.

-- Ann
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