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  • Giro Apple Slicer
  • Giro Apple Slicer


Giro Apple Slicer

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This tool lets you slice an apple in spiral form around the core with its downturned blade and very little effort.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 3.15" W x 3.94" L
  • Care: Dishwasher safe 
  • Made in Germany

12 Reviews - grouped by rating


I love it.

11/3/2013 by Tammy for Giro Apple Slicer

A little pricey, but I love. Good for one apple at a time.


Prettier than useful

1/14/2014 by Luella for Giro Apple Slicer

Hard to start; apple must be very symmetric and significant hand strength is required. Sometimes works better if apple is attacked from the bottom. A beautiful looking tool. I may hang it in the kitchen as art.


Well, it works

10/16/2013 by Kathy for Giro Apple Slicer

Well, it works. I haven't been able to get it to look like the picture. Also it doesn't cut the apple away from the core. I am getting better at it but right out of the box it was quite frustration. I am challenged to get it to look like the picture, a I am not holdig my breath.


Hard to use...

4/11/2014 by JJ for Giro Apple Slicer

Nicely made, but I find it difficult to use, so much so that I don't actually use it.


Giro slicer

2/3/2014 by Joan for Giro Apple Slicer

I complete waste of money. Concept , style and material are all wonderful. It is not a user friendly tool. Even after many attempts to master the technique by several people it does not create the beautiful slices. It really should be priced around $7.99

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Mono-Gyro - Apple Slicer

About Mono

Thinly Sliced

Leave it to high-end German designers Jessica Battram and Christina Schaeffer to come up with an elegant solution for slicing apples. The Giro Apple Slicer allows you to slice in a spiral form around the apple's core. Its downturned blade cuts into the apple and with just a tiny bit of pressure, your fruit is sliced. An added feature, the giro can be placed on top of a started apple to prevent it from turning brown or drying out.

Beautiful in form; simplicity in action, Mono makes an everyday gadget useful and a-peeling.