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iPhone Storage Case


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Stylish iPhone cases with hidden storage for your cards and ID. *Note: Does NOT fit iPhone5C

  • Made in China. Designed in the USA.
  • Made with high quality polycarbonate.
  • Rubber coating for sleek matte finish and secure grip.
  • Colors: Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Pink, Black
  • Built-in storage space, accessible via hinged back.
  • Holds three bank cards and cash comfortably.
  • Comes with enclosed mirror.
  • Designed for easy access to all phone ports/controls.
  • Phone easily slides into case, fastens securely.

iPhone 4/4S

  • Fits all iPhone 4/4S devices.
  • Size: 4 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 7/8".
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.

iPhone 5/5S

  • For iPhone 5/5S only. Does not fit 5c
  • Size: 5" x 2 3/8  x 3/4".
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.

389 Reviews - grouped by rating


Love it!!!!!

4/24/2014 by Janie for iPhone Storage Case

I have and would recommend this case. Have friends purchase it since They saw mine!


Great idea

4/23/2014 by Billie Sue for iPhone Storage Case

Bought this for my daughter-in-law for her birthday.....she was thrilled.



4/20/2014 by Florence for iPhone Storage Case

I have been using this case for nearly one year and I love it. It carries my driver's license, credit card, coffee card, and some cash...and a few small papers.

I have gotten lots of compliments regarding it. It does make your phone larger but it also makes it so convenient.

I would definitely recommend it.


Great idea

4/20/2014 by Virginia for iPhone Storage Case

I carry this storage case instead of a purse. It holds my driver's license, medical card, credit card and 2-3 bills (the higher the denomination of the bills, the more cash you can carry).
Great idea--I show it to everyone!


I <3 it!

4/16/2014 by WyoMom86 for iPhone Storage Case

Whenever I open this up to take a quick peek in the mirror or just grab my debit card out - my friends notice and get inquisitive! I go into full "CHECK OUT The Grommet invite I sent you" mode ;)


Excellent phone case!!!

4/16/2014 by Laura for iPhone Storage Case

I love it!!!! Exactly as described. Can tuck in what I need for a quick run to the store without bringing my whole bag. Very pretty color, and sturdy construction. Excellent purchase, thank you!!!


Great but wrong size

4/15/2014 by Lisa for iPhone Storage Case

It's great but doesn't fit my phone. Forgot I had the 5 and not the 4. :(. My bad


great! worth the$$

4/14/2014 by susan for iPhone Storage Case

Love it! Handy for running around,when walking dog.both men and women have commented favorably on it.


Works for me!

4/13/2014 by John for iPhone Storage Case

This is a great case as it carries all the essentials I need, my drivers license, a credit card, emergency $ 20 bill and a spare car key. Although I have no use for the mirror :)

I do hope I never lose my phone..


A must own item

4/11/2014 by Cindy for iPhone Storage Case

Love it. I have already recommended this case to two others that wanted to know where I bought it.

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EYN - iPhone storage case

About eyn

Multipurpose Minimalism

Some days you just don’t feel like lugging a big purse. For those times you want to travel light, Linda Connolly created an iPhone case with secure storage for the essentials -- ID, credit cards and cash. There’s a wristlet strap for hands-free carrying and a built-in mirror to check your reflection.

Linda came up with the idea after a trip to Mexico, where she wanted to carry the bare minimum and didn’t want to be weighed down by a big bag. She set out to create a hinged phone case with space for everything you need when you’re running errands, grabbing coffee, or walking around town. That
goal inspired the product name: eyn, which is pronounced “n” and stands for “everything you need.”

Eyn is streamlined and stylish, and it holds your essentials without putting them on display. It’s a minimalist solution for maximum efficiency.

-- Ann
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