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Who do you want to be today? All business? Colorful? Industrial chic?

You can change your style with the switch of a hoop with these clever jewelry kits from designer and metalsmith Lisa Monahan. Each Switch Gear kit comes with two core pieces. In the earring kit, there are two pairs of sterling silver lever-back earrings (one is brightly polished, one is oxidized). In the Teen kit, the core pieces are a single pair of
lever-back earrings and one ball chain necklace.

Then the fun begins. These core pieces are the foundation for a fantastic assortment of interchangeable hoops, loops, chains, drops and charms made from all kinds of materials: silver, rhodium-plated brass, anodized aluminum, silicone, glass and more. When she was young, Lisa worked in her father’s Vermont hardware store. You can see that influence in some of her unique material choices – like silicone bands, washers and (our favorite) grommets. There are enough possible combinations to invent a new look every day of the year.

From casual to dressy and everything in between, Switch Gear kits give you a ton of options for expanding your (or your favorite tween’s) jewelry wardrobe. And you can feel good about looking good: Every kit sold supports survivors of domestic violence.

— Linda
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Switch Gear Kit - Complete Earring Wardrobe

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Lisa

    I’m Lisa Monahan and I could not be more excited about being back on the Daily Grommet! I’m here today with the Classic Switch Gear™ Kit and a brand new kit - the Tween Kit - inspired by and improved by real Tweens!

    I've been a jeweler and metalsmith for the past 16 years. I “Switched Gears” myself, as I am also a licensed architect and designed and managed construction projects for more than 20 years. Now I am enjoying the best of both worlds- designing and constructing jewelry…It truly is a dream job and it keeps getting more and more interesting.

    The Switch Gear™ Kit is a patent pending, interchangeable jewelry wardrobe that allows you to make 1000s of combinations of earrings (plus necklaces in the case of the Tween kit) in one small, compartmentalized travel case. This may be the only jewelry kit you’ll ever find that puts the wearer in the designer's seat - it is truly empowering. And these combinations really look different, it’s not just changing a colored ball out, you will achieve whole new looks. You might have to set your alarm a few minutes earlier in the morning - it is pretty fun! Portions of the proceeds also go to a good cause - so it makes you look good and it does good at the same time – it’s a win-win!

    The Switch Gear™ Kits are assembled by my team locally - they are not imported from overseas. They are full of hand selected materials made by regional and national vendors where possible. I buy product from people I know by name and who value our business and personal relationships. They all have kits - or their wives, mothers and daughters do.

    Thank you for checking into Daily Grommet today! Please send your friends ….and their friends! I look forward to reading your comments and am looking forward to answering your questions!

    Plus, an exclusive offer from my company for Daily Grommet shoppers, you get the Daily Grommet Switch Gear™ Kit Add-On - available only here! Add-Ons make your kit more expansive and versatile. As the daughter of a hardware store owner - it is, of course made with real brass grommets - and it’s gorgeous! Thanks so much and thank you for checking in to the Daily Grommet. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday weekend.

  • Charlotte D,
    Charlotte D,
    11/27/09 12:14 PM

    I am one of the switchgear fans. These kits ar great gifts, because they are unique, customized and allows everyone to unleash their inner switch.

  • mackenzie
    11/27/09 12:17 PM

    hi, "im the tween behind the switch gear kit"! i love switch gear sooooo much! i wear it practically everyday whether its necklaces to earings i love them all!

  • Eileen Morrison
    Eileen Morrison
    11/27/09 12:29 PM

    I love the Switchgear kit and give them to client referrals sources as a thank you gift. They are always appreciated and are a dream come true when I travel. I love having hundreds of combinations available to me when I'm on the road in the easiest to pack package imaginable.

  • Lorna S
    Lorna S
    11/27/09 12:30 PM

    The switch gear kit makes a great gift. I've given several to my nieces and friends' kids and they all love it! It's fun to wear a different earring every day.

  • Lisa
    Lisa – Special Guest
    11/27/09 12:35 PM

    What started out as a little earring travel kit for my week-long stay to Cape Cod in an extra fishing tackle box has really taken on a life of its own...in the very best way! I have all these cool Tweens in my life like Kenzie, this great connection with The Second Step, Inc., and all these women like me who are switching gears - earrings or otherwise. And in this economy these kits are pretty affordable - one kit makes oodles - 1000s of earrings - all of the parts that touch your ears are 100% sterling silver - and you get to design them all - or use the guide for ideas until you get the hang of it yourself.

  • Laura H
    Laura H
    11/27/09 12:51 PM

    The Switch Gear Kit is amazing! Not only is it the perfect birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, thank you, mother's day, whatever gift, it is the best jewelry investment you can make in yourself. It does not matter what kind of mood you wake up in, your earrings can be classic, funky, shiny, retro... all in one cute case. Get one before all of your friends!

  • Julie S
    Julie S
    11/27/09 12:56 PM

    I got my Switch Gear kit over a year ago and wear different combinations daily. My 16-year old daughter loves it too and enjoys making new earrings with all the components. I get tons of compliments when I wear my earring too. I highly recommend purchasing for yourself and as gifts. You won't go back to your old stuff ever again!

  • Erica
    11/27/09 1:22 PM

    Switchgear is awesome! I'm 15 and I can't afford a lot of different pieces, but this kit is great for making all kinds of fun combinations whenever I feel like it. (I'm wearing gold earring clasps with rubber hoops right now, last week I wore the bronze washers) Whenever I feel like changing up my jewelry, switchgear makes it work!

  • Linda, Daniel, and Alba
    Linda, Daniel, and Alba
    11/27/09 1:53 PM

    It looks great! Love how interchangeable and user friendly the entire collection is. With pieces like these, how can you not look fashionable??

    Love it! Keep it up!

  • Sara
    Sara – Grommet Team
    11/27/09 2:21 PM

    I was in a very high end museum gift shop the other day and they were bringing in the new Lisa Monahan Switchgear kits. There was alot of ooh'ing and aah'ing going on with the staff. I checked out the price. The price Grommet is offering is quite good. Take advantage of it!

  • laura
    11/27/09 3:05 PM

    Choice is a beautiful thing, but what makes Lisa's products so magical is that her selection of elements - rings, drops, etc - makes all choices good. She has such a wonderful sense of scale that any components of a kit go together elegantly. Her quality is also top notch.

  • Lisa
    Lisa – Special Guest
    11/27/09 3:05 PM

    Thanks so much for all the support! I want to add a really important note about these kits - and it's not about all the combos - or the value - it's about the reason it feels so good to make these too. For every kit sold my company, Lisa Monahan Metal Works donates a portion of the proceeds to The Second Step, Inc. in Newton, MA. The Second Step, Inc. is a terrific organization that provides housing and assistance to survivors of domestic violence and their families and is a leader in delivering education about domestic violence nationally. The staff, clients and graduates of The Second Step, Inc. are women who inspire all of us in the studio.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/27/09 3:07 PM

    Lisa, It's so great to hear from your fans, thanks for having them stop by! Thanks Rachel for stopping by, too! It looks like Lisa has a very savvy and smart teen helping her out!

  • Kim
    11/27/09 3:32 PM

    Not only do I wear my switchgear earrings and necklace just about every day, but so does my 12-year old daughter, with her tween kit. I can't get enough add-ons!! I love, love, love it.....and we have given many adult and tween birthday, bat mitzvah, and holiday switch-gear gifts...everyone is thrilled!

  • Julie
    11/27/09 4:22 PM

    Switch gear earrings are my absolute favorite. Well actually FAVORITES since even my math genius daughter has yet to calculate how many possible combinations I can come up with since I am always adding new ones.

  • Gregory Gomez
    Gregory Gomez
    11/27/09 4:24 PM

    My daughter received a tween kit as a gift and she creates something from it to wear every morning. I think that she has given some kits as gifts with great responses, too. I am sculptor myself and I think that the Switch idea is brilliant!

  • Laura Fizek
    Laura Fizek
    11/27/09 4:50 PM

    I purchased two of the switch Gear kits, one for me and one for a dear friend. I have had a blast being the 'artist wannabe' by creatively conjuring up a design inpired by Lisa Monahan, but executed by me! My friend reports that she and her daughter get into designing their Switch Gear pieces regularly and it has become a new ritual for furthering their close relationship.

  • cindy
    11/27/09 4:55 PM


    This is the best since sliced bread!!!!! You can have dozens of different and interesting earings in on pack! I love it!!!!!!

  • Lisa
    Lisa – Special Guest
    11/27/09 6:06 PM

    I'm so touched by the overwhelming support and response that I have received from this idea, which had been brewing for ages and has finally become a reality. I have always loved the artistic side that I feel lives in everyone. Having Switch Gear encourages that exploration and I hope that you all continue on your creative journey.

  • jane Maxwell
    jane Maxwell
    11/27/09 9:32 PM

    Brilliant idea. Brilliant execution! I love the quality and the ingenuity. Definately gonna check out the tween kit! So cute.

  • dburson
    11/27/09 9:56 PM

    Lisa, you're having way too much fun, bringing an architect's industrial kit-of-parts sensibility into the realm of the up close and personal - and conjuring up a wonderful mix of economy, elegance and chance in the process. Bravo!!!

  • Bob
    11/27/09 10:59 PM

    What a great idea! Switch Gear reminds me of my favorite Erector Set I had as a kid. So, I get a two-for-one deal; an excellent gift for my wife and a brilliant toy for me. Just think of all of the creative advice I can now give to my wife on her jewelry!! Thanks Lisa Monahan!

  • Lisa Monahan
    Lisa Monahan
    11/28/09 8:34 AM

    Good morning...thanks so much for all of the orders (yay!), support and kind words..there is nothing sweeter to a Start Up let me tell you - this is Nirvana! And to be on the Daily Grommet too - and it's Black Saturday...I am just having my first cup of Joe and getting ready to go to the studio to fill orders (yay!). These kits are like getting muffins from the local bakery - these kits are FRESH! - just filled...so...you can count on that! thanks!

  • Harry Hummel
    Harry Hummel
    11/28/09 10:44 AM

    I got the Switch Kit for my wife, and she was absolutely thrilled with it. She loves the variety of styles, and the look is so flattering on her. It's a fantastic product!

  • Barrie
    11/28/09 11:55 AM

    I had the pleasure of a personal tour of Lisa's studio. She is incredibly talented and the switch kits are so cool! I just bought 4 for holiday gifts! I highly recommend that you check out her work. Not only are the switch kits neat, but herother jewelry is fantastic too!

  • Gisela
    11/29/09 10:44 AM

    Congratulations Lisa! You found a way to do what you love, and do good. Innovation. Creativity. Inspiration. Beauty. Charity. Switch Gear kits. WOW.

  • Ingrid
    11/29/09 10:58 AM

    If you're looking for a fun and affordable gift for a family member, friend or yourself, get a SwitchGear Kit. They're easy to use and allow you to take your earring wardrobe with you anywhere. I never travel without mine, and hear a lot of "where did you get those earrings?". A must have!

  • Anne
    11/29/09 11:21 AM

    Just bought two 'Tween kits for my nieces! Have already given the Switch Gear kits to all my sisters, even my sisters-in-law. They loved them!

  • Lisa
    Lisa – Special Guest
    11/29/09 12:06 PM

    Hi and gee is all I can say + Thank You! Gisela, you are really right, this job has it all and I just stumbled upon it, it seems. Bit by bit the Kits are coming together all the right pieces so the speak - it feels great!

    I just out walking my dog this morning and stopped by a yard sale. I met a really nice neighbor who had about 30 pair of earrings for sale and I bet she paid around $500 or so for them at retail prices...(I was looking for inspriration and renovation opportunties - found some!)...but it did occur remind me of the ecomony of theses Kit and the Switch Gear Kit grown ups...plus it's fun too. I have a resolution - ahead of Jan. 1 -I am going to have more fun - maybe I need to wear more hoops on my lever backs! ha! I guess I get to do that now that I am 50-something...More Fun and More Hoops and Options!! like that!

  • melissa
    11/29/09 12:57 PM

    This is so great for my lifestyle! I have a switch gear kit which keeps so many earring fashion options all together in one place. I am forever losing an earring and therefore can't wear that pair. With the switch gear kit, it is so easy to keep everything together and forever have new options! I totally love this! The add ons are also lightweight which are perfect for my ears which can't take heavier earrings. I bought a couple for holiday gifts cause I can't think of a person who wouldn't love this!!!

  • Liz
    11/29/09 5:31 PM

    I keep a stash of Switch Gear Kits to give as thank-you and hostess gifts. As for my own kit, it's expanding so fast with add-ons that I need another container. Forget it, I need a whole 'nother drawer! Genius.

  • Paul Gilbert
    Paul Gilbert
    11/30/09 10:10 AM

    Lisa, this is a perfect, ingenious idea. My wife will definitely find a kit under the Christmas tree. This kit allows Susan to be a designer and is like giving her a hundred pieces for the price of one. Thank you!

  • Lisa
    Lisa – Special Guest
    11/30/09 11:56 AM

    Thanks so much to the folks at Daily Grommet for this great opportunity to be a Grommet and showcase the Switch Gear. It has been great fun, I love the video,appreciate the kind words and encouragement and thank you all for the sales! Warmly, Lisa

  • Anne Esbenshade
    Anne Esbenshade
    11/19/10 1:36 PM

    I wear Lisa's jewelry every chance I get. Switchgear is brilliant and can suit every occasion, outfit, and mood.

    *post edited by admin

  • newton mom
    newton mom
    11/21/10 12:34 AM

    love love love a kit that I can switch up for whatever mood I'm in! They really make the most unique gift (last year for mom and mom in law, this year for baby sitter)... the list goes on. Also, today I bought the 3 to go kit that could easily be worn for a fany holiday part (and then to school pick up with a quick switch!). Keep them coming Lisa!

  •  Kathy
    11/20/12 7:37 AM

    These look great...what kit is in the video? Thx!

  • Desmond
    Desmond – Grommet Team
    11/20/12 1:00 PM

    @ Kathy the kit in the video is the Classic Kit.

    Thank you.

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