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Junior Set

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Construct several small creations such as dinosaurs, birds, geometric figures, or silly hats.

  • Each Junior Set includes 52 Skallops clips and one deck of quality custom Skallops playing cards.
  • Skallops sets will include our specially printed, custom playing cards
  • Made of highest-quality, sanded and finished birch plywood
  • Made in the USA

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My niece LOVES this!

4/23/2014 by Laura for Junior Set

I saw Skallops at the Product Pitch event at Fenway and immediately went online to purchase for my 5 1/2 year old niece. I gave it to her on Easter and she spent most of the day playing with the set. Auntie Laura and Grandpa joined in the fun, building a pirate ship, flowers and "skyscrapers". Great toy that exercises the creative mind of all ages!


Long Lasting Fun

4/7/2014 by MyTeacherCT for Junior Set

We owned the Junior Set first and had so much fun we added the starter set. They are endless fun. We have built many things and no matter the age, friends new and old seem to walk in and always play with them. My suggestion is to buy the starter set or builder set. The Junior set is never enough.



2/12/2014 by Dana for Junior Set

This is a great set for those who love legos. My 6 year old nephew found it challenging to utilize the "degrees" at first, but quickly caught on and has a great time not only building from the plans, but making his own creations.



1/8/2014 by Sandi for Junior Set

Paolo was so intrigued by Skallops ... sadly, he headed back to Santa Fe before I got a chance to play with them !! .....
I am getting my Own ;)


Great for Kids Young and Old

12/30/2013 by Ruth for Junior Set

I purchased a Junior set of Skallops as a Christmas gift for my 16 year-old son (who loves to build with cards as well as use them to play magic tricks on anyone that will participate). After all the presents were opened, both he and my 6 year-old daughter sat down on the floor to create something with the set. I was surprised to see that it was popular with the two of them; and they had fun playing together, regardless of their 10 year age difference! I am very happy with this item and will probably purchase the larger set if this junior one continues to get a lot of use.

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E & M Labs - Skallops


Stack the deck

When Skallops inventor, Marshall Grinstead was just eight years old, he had an idea for how to make a better playing card house using little pieces of clay with notches carved into them to keep the cards in place. Fifteen years later, with the help of two college pals who had just started their own toy company, Marshall turned his childhood daydream into a reality.

Skallops are clever little clips that hold playing cards together in any shape you can imagine. Laser cut, sanded and finished from high-quality birch plywood, Skallops let you turn an ordinary deck of cards into extraordinary
structures. Silly hats, animal creations, floor-to-ceiling towers—you name it, you can build it out of cards with these handy little helpers at your fingertips.

Each set includes 52 Skallops and a deck of custom playing cards. Download and follow easy step-by-step instructions to build dinosaurs, birds, geometric figures, hats, and more or create your own original cards of art.

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