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  • Hiphugger - Black
  • Hiphugger - Black
  • Hiphugger - Black
  • Hiphugger - Black

Thinx Performance Underwear

Hiphugger - Black


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No Refunds. Size Exchanges Permitted with Hygienic Strip Intact.

THINX Hiphuggers can completely replace panty liners on days when you want light support or it can act as back up to your traditional feminine hygiene products on heavier days. For every pair of underwear purchased THINX, via its partnership with AFRIpads, will fund the production of 7 washable and re-usable cloth pads for a woman or girl in the developing world.

  • Made from Quad-Dry BreatheTECH fabric
  • Leak & Stain resistant (Absorbs 5 tsps of liquid)
  • Anti-microbial & moisture wicking
  • The lining is comprised of 94% cotton & 6% Elastane
  • See size chart for appropriate fit
  • Machine washable with light detergent
  • For best results do not use fabric softener
  • Hang to dry
  • Made in China
  • Size Chart

8 Reviews - grouped by rating


Best underwear EVER!

4/1/14 by Beth for Hiphugger - Black

I ordered these - curious as to whether they would live up to their claim and knowing that if they didn't, at least I was contributing to a global cause. Let me tell you, they are all they are made out to be and more!! I have a "hungry caboose"...you know, the kind of butt that epitomizes the term "riding up". These stay where they are supposed to - no panty line, comfy...I can't say enough. I'll be ordering more, for sure!


As advertised - comfortable fit

3/26/14 by Eileen for Hiphugger - Black

Highly recommended. Others have indicated that they run small, but I thought the fit was right on target.
Washed well, and worked well.


Comfort and protection!

2/15/14 by Michelle for Hiphugger - Black

I recently tried these. I have interstitial cystitis and always have to wear liners. These fit very nicely and do what they say. I will be ordering more very soon! And they are super attractive and fit well.


Awesome panties

2/10/14 by Michelle for Hiphugger - Black

These are the best panties I have ever purchased. They are true to size, cut just right to not show when wearing modern cut jeans. The lace is soft and not scratchy. And, best of all, they work as advertised. Keep you much drier and more hygienic than pantie liners. Also, they got a true test right away from me when using a public bathroom that had run out of toilet paper and I noticed too late. Remained dry and comfortable.


unusual product

2/16/14 by Kathleen for Hiphugger - Black

4 Grommets to Thinkx! An especially good panty on light OR heavy days. Be sure to hand dry with no fabric softener!


top lace edging could be snugger

2/4/14 by Gail for Hiphugger - Black

Constructed well, except the lace is somewhat loose, making the top feel less secure on my hips.


Disappointed. The fit is not consistent with usual sizing expectations.

2/11/14 by Molly for Hiphugger - Black

I am 5"1" and weigh about 110, normally wear size 5, so ordered the small size. They are too small, cut too low to be hip-huggers. The lace at the top curls up (or down really) and the low cut makes them feel like they may slide off my derriere. Otherwise, I like the concept - I have never found panti liners comfortable because they don't stay in place - and may consider trying the next larger size except i hate to waste more money. You can't really tell how they will work without actually wearing them for a day, so I took that chance but am not sure i would do it again. I have also considered trying another style but don't like the idea of all that lace up the sides, and that style is even more expensive.


Thinx is just ok

1/30/14 by gigi for Hiphugger - Black

I found the product to be just Average. The sizing runs small. Love the philosophy of the company and that is why I bought one for me and one for a niece

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THINX -  Smart Underwear

About Thinx

Rethinking Intimates

Antonia Dunbar and sisters, Miki and Radha Agrawal, decided it was time to rethink women’s underwear. Voters at The Grommet’s 2013 Product Pitch Event agreed. Meet the winner—a technologically advanced, leak and stain resistant hip hugging style of underwear that is comfortable, breathable, and beautiful.

THINX consists of four super thin, seamless layers, each one with its own thoughtful purpose. The first layer is antimicrobial and moisture wicking. The second is slightly absorbent. The third is completely leak proof through the gusset. And the fourth is where innovation intersects with
beauty for a look as flattering as it is practical.

Whether it’s that time of the month or you just want a little added protection to stay fresh and dry while exercising or for a night out on the town, THINX has you covered. Move over disposable panty liners, there’s a more eco-friendly and attractive solution now available.

For every pair you buy, THINX partners with AFRIpads to manufacture 7 washable, reusable cloth pads for African women and girls in need. Your purchase not only helps create jobs in Africa, but also prevents girls from having to miss school due to their monthly cycle. Now that time of the month can be just as productive as any other.

Say goodbye to embarrassing monthly mishaps and ruined clothes. Say hello to a pair of underwear that not only thinks of you but thinks of women and girls around the world.

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