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Dog Bowl & Flying Disc

Go Fetch!

What dog wouldn’t love to have his water bowl turn into a fantastic flying disc? You’ll see man’s best friend literally go into a tailspin with this convertible, packable water bowl/fetch toy.

Made by Paww, a design-focused pet products company, the soft bowl is splash resistant and holds a good draft of cool water for your pup. Then simply fold the outer wall in half and it’s airborne for a great game of toss/fetch/catch. Made of super k9Flex elastomer, the ThrowBowl is just what your dog needs on the dog days- a nice
cool drink; then whamo, it’s a fun toy.

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ThrowBowl - Dog Bowl & Frisbee

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Jordan

    Hi Dog Lovers! I'm super excited to have Paww's ThrowBowl featured as today's Grommet. All of our products are designed to make hanging out with dogs more convenient and more fun, so with that in mind, we went ahead and combined a top-flight flying disc with a full height, spill-resistant dog bowl to make the ThrowBowl. It's easy to convert from disc to bowl - just flip up the lip, and then fold it back down when your dog is done drinking for another round of fetch. I'll be around today to answer any questions, and thanks for taking a look!

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