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Tipsy Nip

Tipsy Nip Play Pack

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The play pack contains one 6" Tickle Pickle and a container of organic catnip

  • The Tipsy Nip Play pack contains (1) 6" Tickle Pickle and (1) 8 oz. Conatiner of Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip. 
  • The Tickle Pickle™ is stuffed with 100% Eye Crossing, High Potency Organic Tipsy Nip™ (Catnip), no polyfil. 

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One of the best Cat Toys

3/8/2014 by Jan for Tipsy Nip Play Pack

My cat loved it! And he still does!


Great buy!

2/15/2014 by Kathleen for Tipsy Nip Play Pack

I have two male cats. They are litter mates and were both 9 last July. They still have a lot of energy and need lots of play time. The "Tickle Pickle" was a great buy on my part. They both love their new toys. I got one for each of them. I will continue to buy this organic catnip because they like it better than anything I've gotten for them in the past. When my sister-in-law saw how much they enjoyed the pickles she decided to get some for her 4 cats!


Good Quality, Cats LOVE!

12/5/2013 by Angie for Tipsy Nip Play Pack

My cats have several Tickle Pickles but this is the first time I have purchased Tipsy Nip catnip by itself. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend you getting your cat a Tickle Pickle.


There is love!

11/26/2013 by elisa for Tipsy Nip Play Pack

My cat loves this item. It's big enough to hug and small enough to bat around and play with. AWESOME!


My cat loves it!

11/13/2013 by Terry for Tipsy Nip Play Pack

When the Tipsy Nip arrived, I placed it on the counter and went about what I had been doing. within less than a minute, my Bosco was there,yelling & trying to get the package. I hadn't even opened it! Needless to say, he loved it.

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About Tipsy Nip

Tickle Pickle Catnip Craze

Our mission is to create safe products that make cats insanely happy. It's that simple.

Tipsy Nip’s founder, Millia Bell, grew up with cats and shares, “I have been fortunate to spend most of my adult life in the company of cats. The furry feline who currently tugs at my heart is a 25 lb. Maine Coon named Oliver. His love is completely unconditional. He is the inspiration behind every product we design.”

“If it's a toy, it needs to be safe, rugged, and fun. And if it goes in his mouth, it needs to be free of toxic materials,” Oliver purrs.

Wildly popular, the Tickle Pickle line is a must for
every feline household. Cats go crazy for it. They like to hold and kick it with their back legs, throw it in the air and hop around it, carry it around in their mouth, and nuzzle next to it.

There is an interesting story behind why the Feline Vision product line was invented by Millia. It turns out that cats are not color blind. Studies have shown that cats can see some colors and respond well to purple, blue, green and yellow. Tipsy Nip has created a line of products whose colors provide a wide range of contrast. These toys help cats see motion clearly and quickly, making it easier for them to catch their “prey” and keeping them entertained for longer periods of time.
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