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Bubi Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

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The perfect size for a gym class, a hike, or any activity where it pays to travel light, this BPA-free water bottle is foldable, versatile, and durable.

  • Made of high grade silicone. BPA-free and FDA-approved for food contact.
  • The 1.75 inch opening provides easy filling and dispensing. 
  • The mouth has a retainer which meters the water flow and can be removed to add ice. 
  • Produced in two sizes: 14oz and 22oz
  • Care: the bottle can be cleaned easily with a brush or place in the dishwasher
  • Made in China

78 Reviews - grouped by rating


Great for traveling

3/26/14 by Linda for Collapsible Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle, is great to attach to my luggage. It is easy to fold, love the fact that it is BPA free, no worries about bacteria. I have other water bottles, but they are cumbersome and quite large. These are small when folded, but convert to a full size bottle when extended. I am buying Bubi Bottles for everyone in my family.


Great product

3/25/14 by Janet for Collapsible Water Bottle

I have used the Bubi bottle once already and really like it. We plan on taking them to Australia with us. I am sure they will come in handy, especially when we are in the outback. They roll up very well and will fit nicely in my carryon while traveling to and from Australia. Can't wait to use them on our trip.



3/25/14 by Nick for Collapsible Water Bottle

I bought this as a birthday present for my sister and she loves it. She uses it every day and especially loves how you roll up the bottle when it's empty for easy storage.


great item

3/23/14 by Georgia for Collapsible Water Bottle

I love the water bottle. Neat item.


great for what it is

3/13/14 by immer for Collapsible Water Bottle

I love this product! I have a whole shelf of 'water bottles and travel coffee mugs' to retire. I like that the opening is big enough to clean properly, that hot or cold works, that it's rollable, and that the color (blue) is totally cool. The only thing is, it's wobbly; de facto, because of its flexible constitution, so one must take care of propping it up right. Also, always test for dripping/seeping. It doesn't, if it's assembled correctly. It's not hard to do, just requires some care, especially when one is rushing.
I bought the bigger size, which initially wasn't sure of (couldn't visualize 22oz), but it is the perfect size for bringing to the gym.
Survey says: highly satisfactory! go get one ... two, or three!


Most awesome!

3/9/14 by diana for Collapsible Water Bottle

I love this thing! It's squishy and as much fun to touch as to drink from. The uses for it are endless. I plan to get other colors as soon as you have then in stock. They do sweat, but that doesnt bother me. Make sure you screw the top on tight and you're good to go.



2/20/14 by Barbara for Collapsible Water Bottle

my last order was this item. had it sent to my 16yr old grandaughter who is a cheerleader in high school. she needed a water bottle to carry at all times. she/they are required to drink at least 8glasses water within a day. when she received this, her cheerleader teamates all were floored about the way it looked. where did you get this? when she proceded to fold the bottle to pack the teamates were just in awe over the convenience of it. they all want one. so get ready GROMMET, this item just got a rave review!!


Perfect gift

2/19/14 by Elizabeth for Collapsible Water Bottle

I bought these as a gift after my friend admired my son's bottle. She loves it and I feel good that I gave her a healthy alternative to plastic!


Nice product.

2/15/14 by Marla for Collapsible Water Bottle

Small bottle is great for travel and packing in a suitcase. Good quality.



2/14/14 by Elizabeth for Collapsible Water Bottle

I bought a few of these bottles for one of my son's trip to the rain forest. They were so multi-functional. A+++

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Bubi Bottle - Scrunchable Water Bottle

About Bubi Bottle

Handy Hydration

Can your current water bottle scrunch right up and fit in your pocket? Double as a cold or hot compress? Store snacks or, better yet, your cell phone on a biking, boating, or camping trip?

Meet the Bubi, the first scrunchable, collapsible, BPA-free, mold-resistant water bottle. Made from silicone, one of earth’s most available resources and chemical free, the Bubi Bottle is microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and best of all, it can be collapsed to fit in your pocket or bag. Just squeeze, roll, press, and tuck it away.

Water bottles have evolved; Bubi is the next generation.



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