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Yoga by Numbers

Yoga Mat

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This yoga mat is on a mission to make yoga accessible to anyone. It has a numbered guide right on the mat, and comes with a DVD that will teach you 30 yoga poses at your own pace and in your own home.

  • Made in the USA: Pennsylvania 
  • Made of Natural Rubber 
  • Printed with phthalate-free ink 
  • Comes with 10 Sessions to Yoga DVD -- each is 10 minutes long and teaches 3 poses each, 30 poses overall. After participating in these sessions, you'll be ready to jump into any class -- whether at your local yoga studio, or on DVD, online video or podcast format 
  • Can be hand washed with mild soap and water. Hang or lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight 
  • Dimensions: 72" x 30" x 3/16" deep (25% larger than regular yoga mats) 
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs.

7 Reviews - grouped by rating


Awesome product

4/13/14 by Mary for Yoga Mat

I love this mat and the video. I had no experience with yoga but I love it now.


great invention !!!

2/11/14 by elizabeth for Yoga Mat

brilliant product and so comfie to stand on. best yoga mat I have ever had


So far, so good.

2/10/14 by Deborah for Yoga Mat

Love the feel of the mat--I feel much steadier on it than I do my old, thin, plastic mat. It is a rubber product--it has yet to lose that distinct rubber smell. I love the idea of knowing where to place my feet and using the numbers to gauge improvements but I was also hoping for more from the CD as far as setting up a flow of movements. Of course, there are other places to get that. I have taken it to my yoga class.....so far, so good


Mixed emotions

3/10/14 by Mary Ann for Yoga Mat

The mat is great. The instructional video was light in the instructions. I think the ad was 3 moves a day in about 10 minutes. There were instructions but no chance to repeat the move multiple times. I can't (like most people) learn something by only seeing it once. Any instructional videos should be shown to a novice before publishing. Repetition is the best way to learn. Keep working on it.



2/17/14 by Rita for Yoga Mat

I am excited for this product because I have admired people who do yoga for years but I was intimidated to go to a class because of my own limitation. I was expecting a more day by day plan from the instructional DVD vs. all ten steps and here you go! A pause in the movement would be helpful so you could master the moved before you feel that you are pushed to next. It is not easy to stop the DVD , practice and move forward. I didn't have any info to direct these concerns to the creator! Otherwise, I am pleased.


mat fine, lessons very brief & incomplete

4/8/14 by Ronald for Yoga Mat

Mat fine, DVD lousy - did not take time to repeat on opposite side with each pose.


For Yoga Mat by Numbers

4/1/14 by becky for Yoga Mat

I am with Mary Ann, the mat is nice. However, the instruction video is lacking to say the least. Not only does it not give you an opportunity to review your pose or practice your pose the speaker is speaking so fast. I feel rushed. Yoga is a much slower paced, quieter, experience. It just didn't happen for me. I am disappointed, I purchased 2 sets. One for myself and one as a gift for my daughter. Without a different instruction video I think I am going to return my daughters. Just not worth the money.

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Yoga By Numbers - a mat with a mission

About Yoga by Numbers

Step by Step

Yoga by Numbers is a mat on a mission to make yoga simple to learn for people of all ages and abilities. It comes with a DVD called 10 Sessions to Yoga and features number targets on the mat to guide you every step of the way. Each session teaches three poses and takes only 10 minutes.

With Yoga by Numbers, you can learn 30 poses in just 10 days. Or you can take it slower. That’s the beauty of this system—it’s designed to let you practice at your own pace. Made in the USA with the help of Jade Yoga, Yoga by Numbers mats feature an easy-to-follow number system, non-slip surface, cushioning, and

Elizabeth Morrow came up with the idea for Yoga by Numbers after yoga helped her regain strength while recovering from a serious illness. A firm believer in the health benefits of yoga, Elizabeth wanted to make it a form of exercise that everyone and anyone can learn—no prior experience is necessary.

Complete the DVD and you’ll be ready to try your hands (and feet) at any beginner yoga class without feeling like a fish out of water.

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