Messy Mutts

Pet Bowls & Accessories
Starting at $6.95
Designed to look great, these pet products minimize mess, too. Nonslip, food-catching feeding stations and a super-absorbent grooming mitt. Shop Now
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Wonder Workshop

Dash & Dot Programmable Robots
Starting at $169.95
Q: Dash and Dot give kids a limitless outlet for creativity. When you were developing this product, what pieces of its functionality did you consider vital?
A: When designing the product, engagement was our number one priority. Everything from the looks, to the apps, to the personalities are designed to be kid-friendly and appealing!
  • Lofti

    You were the key to Carol Bildahl’s climb to the top. Well, *one* of the keys. She credits Grommet supporters, along with fearlessness, determination, and an Ireland trip, for the success of her Lofti clothes drying system.

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Citizen Commerce is about using our collective power to buy products from companies that reflect our values. It can shape the world we want to live in. We vote with our dollars and we have the chance to do something really big. Buy differently.



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