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Silicone Dish Scrubber
Scrub cleaner with antibacterial silicone. This sponge’s nylon scraper works on crusty areas while the squeegee texture pushes off liquids and crumbs. Shop Now
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Trolley Bags

Shopping Cart Totes
There is such a thing as an organized shopping cart. These reusable bags go inside the cart, so you can start sorting your groceries before you even pay. Shop Now
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    Meet the Maker Milissa Nelson
    Spot Stuff

    Working in the aviation industry, Milissa was no stranger to traveling. As she racked up over a million miles, she had a spill or two leaving her looking for a spot remover that worked on-the-go. When she couldn’t find a solution–she invented one. Hear more about how Milissa’s entrepreneurial journey took flight.

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