Thistle & Poppy

Magnetic Frames and Ornaments
Starting at $17.95
Handcrafted in Florida, these minimalist, vintage-inspired frames snap together with magnets. No glass or hardware to fuss with. Shop Now
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VR Kix

Virtual Reality Headset
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Q: Serious question, how do you get any work done with this lying around your office? Do you take gaming breaks throughout the day?
A: Mike, I wish I could spend my time playing! I have been so busy trying to bring this to market, I have not had much time to play lately but I do use it to explore and test new apps and content managers. I remember the sense of wonder the first time I experienced a virtual reality video and it keeps me motivated to introduce this experience to others.

Faux Real

Ugly Holiday Sweater T-Shirts
Starting at $25.00
Festive, over-the-top holiday sweaters—with no itchiness or fuss. These photo-realistic, tacky designs are printed on comfy T-shirts. Shop Now
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    Meet the Maker Bevy

    What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? According to Nancy Smith and Firdaus Bhathena, the Founders of Bevy, a combination of curiosity and the desire to take the road less traveled. Not only have they given us a peek at what it takes to start a technology company, they prove that their business partnership is picture-perfect.

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What is Citizen Commerce?

Citizen Commerce is about using our collective power to buy products from companies that reflect our values. It can shape the world we want to live in. We vote with our dollars and we have the chance to do something really big. Buy differently.



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