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Aquabot Sprayer Bottle Top
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Clean up, cool off, and stay hydrated with this powerful spray water bottle. Three settings make it helpful to have anywhere—mist, shower, and 25-foot stream. Shop Now
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Smart Soil Sensor
Q: The idea behind Plantlink is to give your plants a voice. Every time it needs watering, you get an email from your plant begging for its life. It’s hilarious. What made you bring a comedic voice to Plantlink?
A: Connecting with nature and plants is important to our users and we wanted a way to make it fun and inclusive.  Giving the plants a personality is a way to remind users daily that their plants are living, breathing things that react to their environment. We also want the task of watering plants to be a ritual that helps you unwind, fun notifications remind us it should be a relaxing activity.
  • Lofti

    You were the key to Carol Bildahl’s climb to the top. Well, *one* of the keys. She credits Grommet supporters, along with fearlessness, determination, and an Ireland trip, for the success of her Lofti clothes drying system.

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