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Personalized Shadow Box Art
Put a personal spin on a wedding, graduation, birth, or your favorite location. Custom illustrations let you celebrate the who, when, and where. Shop Now
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Virtuosa Beauty

Drawstring Shower Cap
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Q: The shower cap has been around for decades, where did you see an opportunity for improvement?
A: All of us had tried traditional shower caps in the past, but didn’t use them as part of our beauty routine because they were annoying to put on and ruined our hair. Your hairline gets wet around your forehead the nape of your neck, the non-breathable material traps steam under the cap and makes your hair frizzy, and how can you preserve your style when you have to tie or clip your hair up to get it under the cap? We completely reinvented the shower...

Food Cubby

Food Divider
Starting at $10.95
Great for kids and people with special needs. A six-year-old created dividers to keep foods separate and create a “wall” to push food onto your spoon. Shop Now
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Citizen Commerce Starts Here

The Birthplace of Citizen Commerce

What is Citizen Commerce?

Citizen Commerce is about using our collective power to buy products from companies that reflect our values. It can shape the world we want to live in. We vote with our dollars and we have the chance to do something really big. Buy differently.

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