10" Silicone Splatter Guard

By Frywall

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Keep your simmer and sizzle contained with this silicone splatter guard. Frywall lets you sauté, fry, and marinate at high temperatures without spattering your counters and walls. Its soft silicone fits snugly in 10” pots and pans, and is angled to let you access the food as you cook. Stick it in the dishwasher to clean, and fold it up to store.

  • Materials: 100% high-temp, food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits pans with inside rim diameters of 9.5" - 10.25"
  • Wide mouth allows for food accessibility when cooking
  • High-walled construction prevents food/oil splatter
  • Folds up easily for compact storage
  • Heat-resistant up to 450° Fahrenheit
  • Durable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: 15" diameter x 6.5"
  • Weight: 0.875 lb.

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Has cut cleanup by 90%


We purchased both the 10 and 12 inch splatter guards and have used them both. They fit our 10 and 12 inch calphalon skillets fine, and they do an excellent job stopping the grease splatter around the stove top. The 12 inch is taller so stops it better, but overall a great purchase. Thinkimg of giving some for Christmas presents to my favorite cooks!More > < Less


Works Very Well


I have two 10" and one 12" Frywalls and they are very helpful in keeping long-cooking jams and chutneys from splattering outside the pan. I used to need to spend a good 1/2 hour cleaning the stove after cooking. Now, it is just a quick wipe up after cooking. The 12" Frywall is a bit cumbersome but once in place, it works wonderfully with my 12" fry pan in keeping bacon grease from getting all over on the weekends. Both are very helpful and easy to clean.More > < Less


Works great


I plan to order another size also.


Goor splatter guard!


Very good -- especially if you hate cleaning cook-top after every us.




This works so well that I've ordered the larger FryWall too. It works great with the Black Cube pans (LOVE!!) and as I've mentioned in my reviewin my review of Black Cube pans; DRYWALL + Black Cube pan = marriage made in heaven!!

I love that it goes into the dishwasher. Easy Peasy.

The smell of food does retain on the silicon a little but for what a fantastic job it does, I don't care! My stove top has never been and looked so spanky clean before. Of course, I still have to clean up but cleaning up is SO MUCH EASIER and less yucky now so I enjoy a clean kitchen everyday.

Another positive is that when you're cooking leafy vegetables (eg, kale, spinach, etc) in huge volumes because they shrink after a while of cooking, this Frywall allows you to put the whole load in and fit in an otherwise too small pan.

I use my Frywall every time I cook. LOVE IT!
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About Frywall

Stop the splatter

With this silicone splatter guard inside the rim of any pot or pan, spattering and sizzling food won’t spray out.

Frywall keeps all the sautéing, frying, and marinating food contained even as it’s exposed to high temperatures. And even though the walls are high (kind of like a dog cone over your pan), the soft silicone is angled for easy access to the food. So you can flip, brown, and sear . . . while your shirt, kitchen, and you stay protected.

To clean, soap and rinse Frywall or stick it in the dishwasher. The silicone collapses down flat to save space when it’s stored.

Keep the counter tidy and the path straight—from the pan to your plate.