Protective Covers for Mobile Technology

OtterBox- Protective Covers for Mobile Technology

Got bad case of butterfingers? OtterBox is just what the doctor ordered! We heard about this clever way to klutz-proof your phone from Jules’ doc Abigail Zavod. Turns out medical professionals in particular love OtterBox protective cases because they offer unparalleled protection in harsh (or messy) environments.

But everyone—from busy moms to mountain bikers—will also appreciate how they shield against harmful drops, shocks, scratches, sneezes, even Cheerio dust. OtterBox is designed for all the spontaneous, chaotic,
graceless individuals who have ever broken an electronic device due to their active lifestyle. “Like our customers, we’ve been there too!” admits company founder Curt Richardson.

There’s an OtterBox for almost every device, including iPods, smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. Cases are available with varying degrees of protection. If you’re relatively nimble, opt for the single-layer silicone skin Impact series. Drop things often? Go for the 3-layer silicone skin Defender series. Major klutz? You need the water-proof, shock-proof Armor series, stat!
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Kelly

    Greetings from OtterBox! We're glad to be here today. Our protective cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device due to their active lifestyle. Like our customers, we've been there too!

    From the beginning, we have protected valuables through innovation. This "innovative spirit" has allowed evolution in our product lines to safeguard today’s hottest technologies such as iPod's, smartphones, PDA's, Tablet PC's, laptops, and other devices. We take the idea of a protective case to the next level so customers can find the ideal solution for any environment. If you have a mobile device, we have a protective case for you! Find your perfect OtterBox by clicking "Get it Now" above. We'll be checking in to read your comments and answer your questions. Thanks!

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie
    5/22/2009 3:20 PM

    Kelly--I have sent a phone through the wash twice, and dropped it in the toilet once. If I'd had an OtterBox would those phones have survived?

  • Kelly
    Kelly – Special Guest
    5/22/2009 4:21 PM

    Lisa Marie,

    Thanks for your question! We do have cases that are completely waterproof and would have survived a trip through the wash or dunk in the toilet. However, we do not have any cellphone cases that are protected against water intrusion. You can see all of our waterproof cases here,

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    5/23/2009 4:39 PM

    Just a shout out to all to tell you that today's Grommet finder,

    pictured at left, also has a good little blog going. Not only is Abbi a great

    doctor, but she is an avid baker. So she is
    href="" target="_blank">sharing her recipes

    here. I made the banana bread -- it was excellent. And tomorrow I am

    making her cinnamon rolls.

  • Melissa
    5/24/2009 9:33 AM

    These look like good protection -- lost my Blackberry case months ago, and now it's all beat up. Will look into this.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer – Grommet Team
    5/26/2009 9:33 AM

    I like the sleek features of my I Phone and thought the Otterbox Defender series would take away from the sleek design. After testing the Otterbox with my Iphone I have to say I really like the protection the case provides. My kids tend to "play" with the apps on my phone and I was always in fear that it would drop and break.

  • Kelly
    Kelly – Special Guest
    5/26/2009 4:34 PM

    Jen, Thanks for the support! Glad to hear you are enjoying the Defender Series!

  •  Kirsten
    8/23/2012 1:33 PM

    I bought an iPhone 4 at the end of June, and, knowing my history with dropping phones, I decided to get an Otterbox on recommendation from the phone salesman. I am so glad I did because I have dropped it more than I want to admit. Now I don't panic when I pick my phone up off the pavement because I know it's protected. Thank you for making a product for us klutzes of the world :)

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