180 Degree Flashlight

By TripleLite

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Lighten things up with a wide beam flashlight that illuminates your natural field of vision. A curved design and three ultra-bright LED bulbs create a 180 degree arc of light, providing improved visibility in all directions—not just straight ahead.

  • Materials: ABS plastic, LED lights
  • Includes flashlight, lanyard included only with mini
  • Wide beam light
  • Mini brightness: 307 lumens;
    Original brightness: 565 lumens, high and low settings
  • Water-resistant
  • Drop-resistant up to 3 feet
  • Requires AA batteries (included)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Mini: 6" x 4" x 5"; Original: 7" x 5.8" x 1.6"
  • Weight: Mini: 0.25 lb.; Original: 0.33 lb.

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Returning for more gifts


I gave these flash lights last holiday and heard back from the guys that they loved them. So I am buying more for the other men on my list. They light up really well and are nice to be able to see the whole yard at once. When walking the cars are able to see you too! Nice gift idea.More > < Less




really like this. When I need to got to the backyard this time of the year in the evening this is the first thing I grab.


Great product, great service.


The processing, packaging and delivery of my order of two large light was flawless. The light itself is remarkable in its unique functioning as described online. We would have added a lanyard and/or hook for storage—otherwise, it must be constantly hand-held when in use and can’t be hung for storage.More > < Less




Big light, easy to carry, weighs nothing!


excellent bright light


Great 3 bulb light with 3 settings. Perfect for when it happens that you lose electricity in a storm. Covers a nice wide path in front of you.

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Can your flashlight do a 180º?

About TripleLite

Light It Up

The idea to create a wide beam flashlight was born when Ron Pritchett had a near-miss spill on the basement stairs. He was doing that back and forth motion with his flashlight to sweep light across the entire area in front him, and it caused him to miss a step and nearly fall.

He invented TripleLite to illuminate a 180 degree arc, which matches your field of vision. The curved design gives you major visibility, thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. His smart, simple upgrade really was a bright idea.