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When I was in college, the best way to get a little clarity was to ditch class, sleep in, stay in my pajamas all day, and let my brain reboot. As a working parent, I don’t get that option. The best I can do is take 10 minutes to calmly write a to-do list.

Experts agree that writing down your intentions is the best way to start making them happen, and of course, the simple act of making a list forces you to prioritize. (Is organizing that closet really as important as finally getting life insurance? Hmmm.) The only hitch
I’ve had is that I wind up making my lists on whatever scrap paper I have handy. When I lose the paper, I lose the lists — and my to-dos don’t get done.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover the “List Maker” Desktop Caddy from B Designs, a husband and wife stationery company owned by Karen Battles and James Shanley (shown here on the right), that uses the centuries old technique of letterpress to create whimsical notepapers. Each Listmaker caddy includes four smart styles of lined slips, waiting for my brain dump (there’s one for phone messages, fix-it lists, notes, and grocery lists).

The Minimalist Caddy holds notes headed with the words “Want,” “Need,” “Think,” and “Eat” that Karen says is perfect for a modern sensibility.

The old-fashioned letterpress printing and vintage icons combine to make “hip lists” so I’m proud to leave these caddies out on the counter—which means I’ll stop losing my lists, and find a little sanity without taking a mental health day!
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Karen

    Good afternoon! I'm thrilled to have our List Maker and Minimalist Desk Caddy featured here today. Fall brings the return of carpools, household jobs, sports, and new work projects. That's why we created this unique system to organize your lists and help keep track of your busy life -- with style. The List Maker Caddy helps to organize even the ultra organized with colorful icons while our new Minimalist Caddy says it all with a few short words: Want, Need, Eat, and Think. We look forward to reading your comments and will be checking in to answer your questions.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    8/10/2009 12:04 PM

    I laughed at the secret habit Joanne revealed at the end of the video. I do the same thing sometimes. No wonder we get along so well. Oddballs need to stick together.

  • christine
    8/10/2009 12:10 PM

    This is a great gift! My sister in law raved about the one we sent her and uses it every time. What I love about it is the weight of the stock -- especially for the shopping and to-do list -- you can grab it and go and it doesn't get all crumpled in your bag etc... Thanks for the reminder to get more!

  • Karen
    8/10/2009 12:28 PM

    My Mom is the biggest fan of the listmaker. She used to have random bits of paper all over the place. Now she is able to organize by task and says she is much more focused.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    8/10/2009 1:44 PM

    Joanne has had the first Desktop Caddy on her desk since we featured it. I always enjoy stealing one of the sheets to write her a note. Way better than a Post-it.

  • James
    8/10/2009 3:52 PM

    These would make a great teacher gift.

  • Jody
    8/10/2009 6:49 PM

    This looks like an interesting product. You can keep everything in one place and not have to search for those little slips of paper anymore!

  • Barbara
    Barbara – Grommet Team
    8/10/2009 6:54 PM

    Another funny Daily Grommet secret -- nearly everyone on our team is attached to paper lists. Though we work hours (and hours and hours!) online every day, we like to make our 'to do' lists on paper. Crazy, huh?

  • Charlotte
    8/10/2009 7:01 PM

    I love whole concept of this caddy, thank you

  • Denise
    8/10/2009 7:09 PM

    I love the desk top caddy, It allows you to keep everything in one place, very convenient and organized. I could really use this item daily.

  • G. Murphy
    G. Murphy
    8/10/2009 7:30 PM

    It looks like it would be good for a number of things. Does it come in any other colors? If not, it would be nice to have some options there.

  • DJP
    8/10/2009 9:39 PM

    The quality of the paper is what I love about this product. It really does stand up to being taken to the grocery store. I like James' idea of a teacher gift. An interesting thought to give the teacher a gift at the START of the school year. Sort of like how "TIPS" originally were done; you gave the tip at the START of your stay (at a hotel, restaurant, etc.), To Insure Proper Service (hence, "TIPS"). Anyway, the paper in these desk caddies is really very nice.

  • Karen
    Karen – Special Guest
    8/11/2009 10:46 AM

    Dear G. Murphy, Currently it does not come in any other colors. We had to have the basket custom made to fit the envelopes for our "themed" caddy and have used the same basket for the listmaker and the minimalist. It would be interesting to see if the company that makes the caddy has a stock item we can retrofit the list paper to. I'll check it out. You are right -- it would be nice to offer the option.

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