Modern Imbibing

‘Tis the season to be social, and we’ve found a great way to welcome your guests or say thank you to your holiday hosts. These wine tags have a simple, modern vibe which sets them apart from other stem markers that were popular a few years back. They’re called Vinotagz, and they’re made from translucent silicone that you can write on the back side with a ballpoint pen (and later wipe clean) if you want to personalize the reusable tags with each wine drinker’s name. They also double as napkin rings.

What makes these tags
cool is everything that’s missing. They’re not fussy or bejeweled or overdone. They’re simple and functional, yet elegant at the same time. We’re especially smitten with the ingenious packaging. Six different square rings come in a storage box that fits perfectly on the neck of a wine bottle.

The minimalist flair comes from Kat Nouri, who’s the founder and creative director of modern-twist. Kat collaborates with a group of independent designers, mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area, to create products that are simple and functional – but with a fresh, modern perspective. Cheers to that.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Kat

    We are excited to be featured today at Daily Grommet. We know that as fans of Daily Grommet you have an eye for style, crave unique items, and as selective consumers it is important to you that you are purchasing from Companies that share your passion for socially/economically conscious manufacturing. Modern-twist Vinotagz are a great tool to avoid using "wine charms", instead you will have a smart clean design which is not only more appealing but also very functional. The storage box fits cleverly on the neck of a wine bottle making it a perfect gift to be remembered even after the wine is gone. Vinotagz are versatille in use, and can also be used as napkin rings. Modern-twist Silicone products are all Food grade, with food safe inks. All products are hand silk screened promoting the work of Independent designers. "Bringing art to the table."

    U.S. and overseas manufacturers that produce Modern-twist products share our values in respecting the environment, workers and consumers. Modern-twist donates a percentage of the proceeds of all products to environmentally & socially conscious organizations. Ask about our "Giving Program."


  • Julia
    11/11/2009 12:24 PM

    What a clever gift to bring along with wine to holiday gatherings!

  • Des
    11/11/2009 12:30 PM

    In the photos, Cirque and Hive look so similar. Can you describe them a bit more so I can choose between them? Thank you.

  • marie
    11/11/2009 12:50 PM

    How clever! I love these - thanks for finding them, Grommet.

    As you said in video, perfect on a bottle of wine for gifts.

  • joanne
    joanne – Grommet Team
    11/11/2009 1:01 PM

    Des, you're right and they are similar. Circles is a slightly stronger graphic and Hive is a finer line and straight sided hive like design.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/11/2009 1:41 PM

    Here are illustrations of the featured patterns.





  • Sara
    11/11/2009 2:53 PM

    I like that you can write on these. I have had other winestem charm-like tags, but my guests (and I) still seem to forgot who's the sled or the snowman! My husband also refuses to use them, thinking they are too fussy. This, he will like. Great idea!

  • Des
    11/11/2009 3:44 PM

    Katherine, thank you for the large illustrations. Joanne, I still wasn't able to decide between the two, so I ordered one of each. One I'll save for home, and one I'll give for a gift. Adding these to the top of a bottle of wine as part of a gift is a brilliant idea!! Also...Sara sas you can write on these. With pencil or what? Can't wait until mine arrive. This seems like the sort of Grommet that I'll be ordering a lot of from your "catalogue" section.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/11/2009 5:10 PM

    Des - You can write on the back (non printed side) with a ballpoint pen and later wipe them clean. That would be handy if using as a napkin ring as well. The napkin ring could double as a place card for a big meal.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/11/2009 6:07 PM

    Kat. Two questions. I am interested in how you find the independent designer and what your arrangement with them is. Second, please do tell us more about your "Giving Program."

  • Kat
    Kat – Special Guest
    11/12/2009 1:45 AM

    Thanks for having us on the Daily Grommet.

    A couple of notes, you don't need to file the vinotagz back in the box after you use them, you just chuck them on the lid side in a stack and put them in your drawer. They are only filed inside when you buy them so that they can go over the neck of the wine bottle.( Can be annoying to file them away each time..unless you enjoy it (-: )

    Also you can write with a ball point pen on the ones that have no silk screening, called the Vinotagz basic, or flip over your designed Vinotagz and write on the back( scratch on apiece of paper first to get the oils off your pen..and Voila..write away..)

  • NancyVerve
    11/12/2009 2:35 AM

    Love those Vinotagz -- colors and patterns that are right up my alley -- and that slide-it-over-the bottle-neck packaging is sheer genius! And the write/wipe feature is a plus,as well -- who can "berember" who's color/pattern is who's after a few pops?!!

  • Michael
    11/12/2009 7:39 AM

    these are great design and useful. nice. what is your giving program?

  • Kat
    Kat – Special Guest
    11/12/2009 9:24 AM

    Thanks for asking!

    We select our designers through submissions. The selection is made seasonally for the featured designers. We provide the opportunity for the designer to have their work seen in over 2000+ unique lifestyle retailers around the world.

    Our Giving Program:

    This season we plan on working very closely with Revolution foods and Inner City Advisers. We have a passion for providing access to organic foods/farming to inner City/Urban kids. Here are other organizations we donate to:

    Trees for the future

    An agro forestry resource center helping people in developing countries improve their rural livelihoods through the introduction of environmentally sustainable land management projects focused on beneficial tree planting.

    Slow Food Association

    Slow Food works to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread taste education and connect producers of excellent foods with co-producers through events and initiatives.

    Chez Panisse Foundation

    The Foundation is committed to transforming public education and supports projects that integrate gardening, cooking, and the sharing of a daily school lunch into the core academic curriculum.

    Breast Cancer Association

    NBCF is committed to spreading knowledge and fostering hope in the fight against breast cancer. By funding free mammograms for women who could otherwise not afford them and supporting research programs in leading facilities across the country, NBCF helps inspire the courage needed to win this monumental battle.

    Green Restaurant Association

    The Green Restaurant Association? (GRA), a national non-profit organization, provides services in research, consulting, education, marketing and community organizing. The GRA utilizes a collaborative strategy that involves restaurants, manufacturers, vendors, grassroots organizations, government, media, and restaurant customers. The GRA's model provides a convenient way for all sectors of the restaurant industry, which represents 10% of the U.S. economy, to become more environmentally sustainable.

  • Sally
    11/12/2009 11:46 AM

    I LOVE to entertain and get tons of hostess gifts, which I must admit, I chose to RE-GIFT! These I would not re-gift. Really fun design!

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/24/2009 10:41 AM

    Used the tags at a wine-laden cooking class in my home last Friday night. REALLY helpful. I usually lose track of my wine glass about one hour into an evening...not this time. I did miss the instruction about writing on the BACK of the tag for the silk-screened ones (the ones on Daily Grommet). Take can't write and wipe over the time I will use a ball point pen on the back.

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