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Wouldn’t it be swell if our dogs would wipe their paws on the mat before they raced into the house? Talk about a dream come true. But we live in the real world, where the next best thing is the ingenious PawPlunger. It looks like an oversize coffee mug and it works like a miniature car wash for your dog’s paws. Simply fill the PawPlunger with warm water, place a paw inside, then plunge gently. The paw-friendly bristles inside the device brush away the grime and irritants. Voila, clean paws. There are no muddy towels left by the door, no salt or chemicals from the roads to hurt your pup or get dragged onto your carpet. And that awkward wrestling match by the sink with your best friend? Eliminated. It even comes with a spill-proof lid so you can bring it along in the car.

The inspiration for the PawPlunger is LuLu, a Wheaton Terrier with a fondness for romps in Central Park. The creator is Brianne Leary (you might know her as the host of Animal Planet’s Petsburgh series). Brianne came up with the idea for the PawPlunger after countless struggles to keep LuLu’s paw prints out of her apartment. She teamed up with co-inventor Andrew Taylor to develop the idea, and the rest is history. Pawsitively genius.
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PawPlunger- Portable Dog Paw Cleaner or Car Wash for your Dogs Paws

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Brianne

    LuLu and I are so happy to be a part of the Daily Grommet. The PawPlunger was invented because I love my dog, LuLu, and, I love a clean home! LuLu loves the outdoors and… my couch! Just like about every other dog in the world! So the PawPlunger helps keep everyone happy and clean!

    I know the PawPlunger will save you time, mess and stress! Not to mention money in these tough economic times. I look forward to answering any questions. Happy Plunging!


    Brianne and LuLu!

  • Jennifer
    1/25/2010 12:11 PM

    Hi Brianne...

    Love your product. I sent one to my sister-in-law in Missouri and

    she says it's been so helpful in keeping her floors and carpeting clean this past fall and winter. She has a big Golden Retriever and says he doesn't mind using the Plunger at all.

    I notice Grommet is only selling Paw Plungers for dogs 15 pounds and over. Do you make them for smaller paws and, if so, will Grommet be carrying them at some point.

    Thanks and best of luck... Jennifer

  • Julia
    1/25/2010 12:12 PM

    The Daily Grommet and Brianne must have been reading my mind this weekend. We recently adopted a new resident: a one-year-old Tibetan Mastiff with paws the size of a giant. And he's the clumsiest, messiest dog I've ever had! We love him to death, so it doesn't really matter, but he has a way of deliberately walking through every mud pile he sees and then tracking it into the house. Towels and wet rags at the door are not doing the job. We need a PawPlunger. Hooray!

  • Jennifer
    1/25/2010 12:12 PM

    Thanks. I see my question was answered right before I sent it. : )

  • Julia
    1/25/2010 12:18 PM

    P.S. I just completed my pet rescue breathing and CPR certification this weekend, and there was a discussion in class about the dangers of salt on the sidewalks and roads (used for melting snow). This is exactly what is mentioned in the video. It is a true hazard, and the emergency vet bill to make your dog vomit after ingesting that salt would easily cover the costs of 4 of these PawPlungers!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 12:24 PM

    Thanks Julia!for all the good work you are doing - being able to save a animal's life in an emergency is so important.



  • Sara
    Sara – Grommet Team
    1/25/2010 12:25 PM

    Great gift for my brother who loves dogs and his white carpets!


  • delilah
    1/25/2010 12:27 PM

    This is the stupidest thing since the Batter Pro!!

  • Cynthia
    3/13/2012 1:58 PM

    @delilah: Have you even tried the product? And have you heard the phrase: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"

    1/25/2010 12:33 PM


    Thanks so much for this terrific gift idea. My sister who loves her dogs can now use the PawPlunger to easily keep her carpets clean. GREAT!!


  • Jennifer
    1/25/2010 12:33 PM

    Another question. Is it best to use plain warm water with the Paw Plunger or are there any soaps or "paw safe" cleaning solutions that

    can also be mixed in to wash off the salt and debris?

  • Chris
    1/25/2010 12:34 PM

    Is it big enough for my 165Lb Great Dane? He has paws like tree stumps!

  • Catrina Ruffels
    Catrina Ruffels
    3/14/2012 11:05 AM

    How serendipitous...having just come in from getting soaked hosing my dog down after he'd been paddling in mud and then walked his muddy paws all through the house, I came in and this came up on my facebook page....just what I need! What a great idea :)

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    3/14/2012 6:34 PM

    @Catrina Ruffels: I can empathize. I have a miniature poodle & cleaning dirt/mud from his little paws can get tiresome & time consuming, after having to do it 3 - 4x/day times how many days!?! ;0) Please drop by & share how your Pawplunger experience is.

  • Kristen
    1/25/2010 12:34 PM

    If you need this product - you should NOT have a dog!!!

  • janet
    2/28/2011 1:52 PM

    @Kristen: why do you say this

  • Cynthia
    3/13/2012 2:04 PM

    @Kristen: I have two dogs and this product is just the thing I DO need. And I beg your pardon, but who are you to be telling people what they should and should not have?

  • claudia
    1/25/2010 12:40 PM

    Thanks Daily Grommet for this clever and useful product!

  • Ashley
    1/25/2010 12:42 PM

    Fantastic product!!

  • Ann L
    Ann L
    1/25/2010 12:44 PM

    We love the Paw Plunger! We were using baby wipes and/or old towels for years to keep the paws of our poodle from wreaking havoc on our floors, bed, couch, chairs, car seats, clothes, etc. The wipes always shred before we made a dent in the dirt. THe towels were just another dirty mess we had to clean and wash and put in plastic bags. We bought the paw plunger and have never looked back. We now own two and one lives in our car and one lives by the back door. It's easy and compact and our dog runs to get his feet 'plunged' after his run!

    also a great holiday or birthday gift for pet owners - all our friends love!



  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    1/25/2010 12:49 PM

    Thanks everyone for stopping by with your comments and questions. I have to say that if you have friends with dogs, make sure to forward a link to this feature to them, they will thank you for it! The pet owners with whom I've shared this product all agree it is much needed.

    We always welcome comments of contrasting views, just please make sure to keep your comments respectful.

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 12:52 PM

    Hello Chris! yes the large will work for your Giant Dane! Not to worry - I have used it on 200 pound Leonburger!

    thanks for your interest


    Brianne ..and LuLu too

  • Susan
    1/25/2010 12:52 PM

    This looks amazing! I'm going to tell all my friend with dogs about it. Congratulations on a great idea.

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 12:56 PM

    Dear Jennifer,

    During the summer and fall I use cool water and in winter, warm water to help melt off the iceballs that collect in LuLu's paws. And if there has been salt or chemicals put out - I use a drop of vet approved puppy shampoo -this also helps in the muddy spring months too. But just a drop will do. This year we will be launching our our LuLu's Lifestyle line of all natural shampoo and more. Thanks!

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    1/25/2010 12:57 PM

    Brianne sent me this Valentine's card of LuLu - it's a great reminder that this would make a great Valentine's gift for the dog that you love!

  • Willie Rosario
    Willie Rosario
    1/25/2010 1:45 PM

    Can't wait to get one!!!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 1:46 PM

    Thanks Willie! What kind of dog do you have?



  • Nita
    1/25/2010 2:36 PM

    I just ordered my PawPlunger! As someone who has spent years trying to clean big dogs feet (towels, wet clothes, even dishes of water) this is great. My dog wouldn't mind this anymore than other ways to clean the paws. Its all in the training! Thanks again!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 3:04 PM

    Thank you Nita - I tried all those things as well! I thought there has to be a better way...thus! the PawPlunger- then I thought well, if I need this...others wil too. And I was right. Necessity is the mother of invention!


    Brianne and LuLu

  • Wendy
    1/25/2010 3:28 PM

    After a solid week of rain out in California, I can use this product. I have been using the bowl of water rinse and this looks much less clumsy and compact. Looking forward to trying this on my muddy cream colored Labradoodle!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/25/2010 3:45 PM

    Hi Wendy - It's rainy here in NY too - I just plunged LuLu and it took five minutes instead of a sloppy, wet twenty or so! LuLu's best friend is a Golden Doodle named Nellie and she uses her PawPlunger all the time. Hopefully the PawPlunger will keep your doodle's paws cream-ier.


    brianne and LuLu

  • Susan 2
    Susan 2
    1/25/2010 4:50 PM

    My dog Tootsie has her PawPlunger right outside our front door and knows that after she cruises our Bucks County PA country yard--shared by many deer--she gets a rinse before coming inside. Great product, Brianne!

  • Karen
    1/25/2010 6:22 PM

    This product is AMAZING! Finally an easy way to ensure that my dog's paws are healthy and clean after a walk on the city streets and play in the salt laden snow.

  • Lizi
    1/26/2010 8:46 AM

    I love dogs, but my parents think they are too messy. I am going to show them this and may be they will let us get one! ! ! Y A Y!!!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/26/2010 8:52 AM

    Dear Lizi,

    YOU GO GIRL! xoxo LuLU..and Brianne

  • Michele
    1/26/2010 10:01 AM

    I have been using the Paw Plunger for years and both my husband & I love it. The dog stops at the back door and waits to have his paws cleaned. He is a 2 yr old golden retriever that loves to dig giant holes. The plunger is easy to use and very effective. We would highly recommend this product to every dog owner. Too bad you cant use it on kids!!

  • Brianne
    Brianne – Special Guest
    1/26/2010 10:45 AM

    Thanks Michele - Great to hear!

    Have a happy, healthy New Year.

    Brianne and LuLu

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    1/26/2010 11:46 AM

    Brianne forwarded this picture of LuLu as a good-bye and thanks for stopping by!

  • Diane
    7/16/2010 11:34 AM

    Are you kidding? I think this product is silly,takes more work than to simply wash your pets paws off.I have 6 dogs and think this would be a total waste of dog food money!

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    7/16/2010 11:59 AM

    @Diane - not every product appeals to everyone equally. I know that many pet owners love the ability to easily bring the washer to the pet or with the pet on outings. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your perspective!

  • Claudia
    9/2/2010 4:23 PM

    I love the concept of this product. Unfortunately, I have not used it yet because I ordered a large (huge). Would you know how I could go about exchanging it for a small or medium? I have a Bichon Frise; what size do you recomment? The product and packaging are in pristine condition. Only opened it once. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    9/2/2010 4:29 PM

    Claudia - no problem, we have a 30 day return policy. You can follow the return instructions that should have come with your order or you can call our customer service department at 877-862-0222 ext 210.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    2/28/2011 1:02 PM

    This is the second time that we have featured the PawPlunger and are continuing the conversation here. Brianne and Lulu are still available to answer any questions you have.

  • Julie
    2/28/2011 1:22 PM

    This is brilliant BUT I have a teeny tiny 6 lb toy poodle! Will the medium work?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    2/28/2011 1:34 PM

    @Julie: You will need the Petite size which can be ordered directly from PawPlunger by clicking here.

  • marishanon
    2/28/2011 1:29 PM

    In addition to dirt, my dog has oak pollen allergies. The pollen is absorbed through the paws so the vet says to wash his feet everytime we go out for a walk. This will make doing this chore so much easier!!


  • Bunny Badger
    Bunny Badger
    2/28/2011 2:03 PM

    Why was there no demonstration in the video of the plunger? I would have liked to see that the product actually worked. Great idea though. Thank you.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    2/28/2011 2:45 PM

    @Bunny Badger: They showed a paw being plunged and dried off at 1:30 in the video.

    Here is a video of Brianne and Lulu demonstrating the PawPlunger

  • Cathy
    2/28/2011 2:13 PM

    I found this product to be more inconvenient than anything---we have two big hairy dogs(newfs), the cup top kept coming off when I would attempt to put their paw in, and the sharp plastic cuts in the top seemed too harsh. I would never recommend this to anyone---you are better off having a tub of water by your door than this cup.

  • Connie
    2/28/2011 3:53 PM

    @Cathy: I have two big dogs, too, and have found that this helps the never-ending cleaning process. I guess what works for someone doesn't for someone else.

  • Donelle
    2/28/2011 2:31 PM

    Too expensive.

  • Michelle
    2/28/2011 8:20 PM

    @Donelle: It costs hundreds of dollars to clean my carpets, upholstery and bedding. Not to mention what my time is worth. Also, I can simply hang the towel I use to dry my dog's paws and launder it every once in a while as opposed to having to wash it daily, saving water, detergent, and electricity. I'm very careful with my spending, but at $30, I think this product is a steal.

  • Jeanne
    2/28/2011 10:27 PM

    Although I have to agree with Donelle, it's a little pricey (I just got laid off)...but it does sound like a great idea! I used to have a black lab/aussie mix that I taught to "wipe his feet" on a mat when he came in, but now I have a little Bichon Frise and he has no clue! As soon as I am working again, I may just have to get one!

  • Glenn
    3/1/2011 1:39 PM

    I like the idea, does it have brushes on the bottom too or a grid to stop the last paw going in to the mud collected on the bottom from the first 3 paws?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    3/1/2011 2:57 PM

    @Glenn: the brushes are just along the sides. You're right, the water isn't as clean for the fourth paw as it was for the first but it still does a good job!

  • Sheila L.
    Sheila L.
    3/1/2011 7:48 PM

    It would have been nice to see a better demonstration of the product and its effectiveness in the video.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    3/1/2011 8:48 PM

    @Sheila L.: Thank you for the feedback, we always want to hear what we can do better. Here is a link to a YouTube video of Brianne and Lulu using the PawPlunger.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  • Whitney
    3/13/2012 9:18 PM

    @Katherine Klinger: nice calm dog you have in the video.

  • Kerri
    3/13/2012 12:13 PM

    I wanted to love this - was willing to try anything. But this simply does not work. Maybe I have the wrong size? My dogs' paws come out of the cup dripping muddy water everywhere. I have tried repeatedly to make it work, but it only results in more sopping wet muddy towels than I started out with. Such a disappointment.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    3/13/2012 12:38 PM

    @Kerri: That is disappointing that your results were different from ours. I wonder if you are right that it's a sizing issue.

  • Marion
    3/13/2012 10:15 PM

    I love this idea, but my maltipoo weighs about 10 pounds. Is there one for small dogs?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    3/14/2012 12:19 AM

    @Marion: They do have a smaller size. You can order it directly from them here. .

  • Dianne B
    Dianne B
    4/20/2012 1:06 PM

    I live in a highrise that's happily home to dozens of under 20 lb. dogs (the rule). We're lucky to have a nearby river front park that the dogs love. BUT . . . some people don't pick up after their little poopers. I'm ok about letting my little dog run because I have my paw washer at the ready when we get home. IT WORKS!!!

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    4/23/2012 2:21 PM

    @Dianne B: That's wonderful to hear that you & your dog can enjoy splashing around in the great outdoors & know that the paw plunger will help clean up easily. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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