Fire Blankets

Your Own Personal Firefighter

What would you do if a grease fire ignited on your stove? You may have a fire extinguisher nearby, but are you prepared to operate it? Is there time to read the directions? Will it even work if it has been sitting there untouched for 10 years? At times like this, when every second matters, another option might be the Kovenex fire blanket.

Ideal for small, contained fires, a Kovenex blanket can safely extinguish flames, damper
smoke, and prevent burns. The patented fabric doesn’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to flames, and while the color may change, it will not burn. It’s soft and lightweight, yet tough enough to smother an angry fire. The fire blanket is also easy to use, compared with a fire extinguisher that can be a challenge to operate in the stressful first few seconds of an emergency fire.

The inventor of the blanket is Bill Bridgeman, who originally set out to design an infant safety blanket. The manufacturer is Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, which makes sure that its Kovenex blankets adhere to National Fire Protection Association requirements. The Home Safety Blanket can be used to wrap around a person in an evacuation scenario.

Having a fire blanket nearby is an important safety precaution . . . though we hope you never need to use it.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Jeff

    ...and happy belated Mothers Day to all of the Daily Grommet mothers. We at Waubridge Specialty Fabrics are delighted that the Daily Grommet has elected to feature two of our Kovenex® fire blanket products today. These two blankets are the ideal first response tool to have available in your kitchen/home in the event of a grease fire or any small fire. Kovenex Fire Blankets are light weight and easy to use; the material will resist the flames while it blocks the heat to protect the user. This same material is certified to National Fire Protection standards as thermal protection for firefighter apparel. I am here and available to answer any questions that you may have, let’s chat.

  • Laura
    5/10/2010 12:15 PM

    Is this a good camping tool for my Girl Scouts? The pot are fire are spaced much further apart than a home stove situation.

    Also, frightened kids are likely to throw the blanket, rather than lay it down over an out-of-control fire. Does tossing the blanket cause sparks to fly dangerously out to the sides?


  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    5/10/2010 12:21 PM

    I have to admit, our fire extinguishers are OLD - do you know what their lifespan is? I'm sure they are hanging there giving me a false sense of security. I know that I wouldn't know how to operate it if I had to. The part of the video with Bill and a blowtorch really demonstrates how valuable this blanket will be if needed.

  • Kate
    5/10/2010 12:26 PM

    I see in the details that they are reusable. How many times? If we used it to cover the last of a campfire so we can go to bed, how many times do you think we could do that?

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/10/2010 12:28 PM

    Laura, Great question, Kovenex is designed so that you dont have to throw like a fishing net to cover the fire, but it will be equaly effective if you do. You dont have to worry about any sparks, the main thing is that you cover the fire to block the flames.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/10/2010 12:36 PM

    Kate, the Kovenex Home Safety blanket can be reused but the number of times depends on the size of the flames it is exposed to, when we made our video, the young lady used one blanket on 6 different staged grease fires. Wtih the campfire, not the intended use, but it will work.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/10/2010 12:46 PM

    Katherine, The life span of a fire extinguisher depends greatly on the make and modle of the unit. The ones that most people have in their homes that you can purchase from your local home improvement store can last a good long time if you maintain them. Most pelople dont understand that you need to agitate or shake your average home extinguisher each month to maintain the pressure.

  • Marlon Knighton
    Marlon Knighton
    1/18/2012 1:41 PM

    @Jeff - Kovenex: The reason for shaking the extinguisher ( upside down and back to right side up several times) is to keep the dry powder from caking up into a solid chunk.

  • Sara
    Sara – Grommet Team
    5/10/2010 1:34 PM

    I just went to a bridal shower and the bride to be got lots of kitchen appliances, etc. I think this would be a very thoughtful gift for someone starting out a new home.

  • Mark
    5/10/2010 1:57 PM

    I have relatives in Europe and have heard these are very common in Europe as a safety precaution, particularily in the kitchen. Great idea to offer it to the Grommet community!

  • Kate
    Kate – Grommet Team
    5/10/2010 2:04 PM

    I'm hyper aware of fire safety and the importance of a quick and calm reaction to a small house fire because I witnessed a horrific fire at a neighbor's when I was a child. Thank you Kovenex for this important product. I'm adding it to my fire safety tool list.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/10/2010 2:26 PM

    Mark, you are exactly correct; home fire blankets and particularily kitchen fire blankets are very common in Europe. In fact, school age children in Europe are taught to use a fire blanket over an extinguisher as a first response in a fire emergency.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/10/2010 2:31 PM

    Kate, Thanks for your comments and your purchase, our people are very proud of our unique products. Take care.

  • michael curry
    michael curry
    5/10/2010 2:48 PM

    I have been using them (the fire/rescue version) for years, very reliable, excellent product. The fire gloves that I have, uses this material as the thermal liner, and I love them.

    Simply Awesome.

  • Pam
    5/10/2010 3:20 PM

    I have one of the Home Safety Blankets that I keep in my kitchen. I have seen it demonstrated in person and it is amazing how well it works. I have given the safety blanket to friends as gifts.

  • Leslie
    5/10/2010 4:22 PM

    I am a believer! One day, I had too many things going on and lost track of the pan on the stove. I was scared witless when the flames were almost touching the base of the cabinets. This blanket saved my cabinets! It was easy to throw on the fire, much easier than fumbling with the fire extinguisher that "hiding" in the back of the cabinet (lol)! I will never be without one in my home!

  • Chris
    5/10/2010 4:28 PM

    This looks fantastic - when I was a child my Mom had a grease fire on the stove and by the time the fire department arrived, the kitchen cabinets above the stove caught on fire. This would have prevented that.

  • Tina
    5/10/2010 5:01 PM

    My mother in law gave me one of these last year. (I think she's trying to tell me something.) I'm no Julia Child, though.

    I keep it on the oven door handle, instead of in the bag. It's closer-- just in case.

  • Les Baker
    Les Baker
    5/10/2010 5:36 PM

    I have never used the blanket with the intent of containing or extinguishinga kitchen fire, but I am a believer in the product. I have been a member of the fire and rescue service for over ten years. The last five years I have depended on a similar Kovenex blanket to protect victims and rescuers during motor vehicle collisions. It has the properties I look for in such a protective blanket. Also I can speak volumes for the commitment of the company and its staff to local responders. I would highly recommend home owners consider this blanket as a tool that could limit damage in the event of a kitchen fire.

  • Deborah
    5/10/2010 6:54 PM

    I never realized that you shouldn't use a fire extinguisher on a grease fire. Thanks for pointing it out on the video. Also, for the reminder not to use water for a grease fire. (Luckily, we've had none so far!) Great product. Looks like a 'must have' for every household. Thanks Gromme for bringing it to us.

  • Chris Bergeron
    Chris Bergeron
    5/11/2010 7:56 AM

    I gave my sister a Kovenex home safety blanket last year and when she was taking care of her kids, a pot caught on fire while cooking. Not being familiar with fire extingushing practices, she took the home safety blanket and smothered the fire doing little no damage to her kitchen. A great prodcut that really helped my sisters family and her house.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/11/2010 9:50 AM

    Good Tuesday morning everyone; and thank you again to Katherine, Sara and the entire Daily Grommet team for featuring two of our Kovenex products on the site. And thank you to everyone who visited the site, commented and/or purchased our products. We look forward to a continued relationsip with the Daily Grommet community. Have a safe and great day. Jeff

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/11/2010 9:56 AM


    That is a great idea to have the blanket always out; even though the blanket comes out of the bag quick and easy, every second counts in a fire emergency. I think all Mother-in-laws think their daughter-in-laws can't cook very well, its just part of their DNA.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    5/11/2010 9:57 AM

    Jeff - thank you for bringing such a great product to the market. It was wonderful that some of your customers could stop by with their first-hand experience with your fire blankets or similar life-saving and home-saving products.

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    5/11/2010 9:59 AM

    Chris, Les, Mike, Pam & Leslie,

    Thanks for the great comments, discussion and continued support of Kovenex and it's products.

    Be Safe - Use Kovenex

  • Tom
    5/11/2010 2:44 PM

    As a Fire Fighter there are several advantages that I see with this product. One is the ease of use, you just place it over the fire and it goes out. The other major advantage is you do not have the maintance or mess of a dry powder extinguisher.

  • Glenda
    2/8/2011 9:38 PM

    I work on a special needs school bus. This sounds like something I would like to have as part of our safety kit. I like the idea of the larger size but wonder if the material is the same as the softer home fire blanket.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    2/9/2011 12:47 AM

    @Glenda Anderson: That's wonderful of you to be so proactive about the safety of your kids. Let's hope you never need to use this blanket. To answer your question, both are made from the same fabric.

  •  fire blanket
    fire blanket
    9/21/2011 8:36 AM

    Every kitchen should have one, I think its amazing that we don't put safety first some times what would you do with out this it would make a bad situation worse.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    9/21/2011 9:57 AM

    @ fire blanket: We agree! Thanks for stopping by.

  • sue
    1/18/2012 2:57 PM

    love the idea of this product for any home! is it a single use blanket? how many "times" can it be counted on to be reliable in putting out a text book grease/stove top fire?

    thank you!

  • Tori
    Tori – Grommet Team
    1/18/2012 3:15 PM

    @sue: The Kovenex Home Safety blanket can be reused but the number of times will depend on the size of the flames it is exposed to. As Jeff shared in the comment section above, the young lady in the video used one blanket on 6 different staged grease fires.

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