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Mom always praised the benefits of a good scrub when we were kids. Now we call it exfoliating (the French call it gommage), but the benefits are the same. Exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells and invigorates your entire body. Here are some great tools to get started. We found them at Baudelaire, a company in New Hampshire that’s all about body care.

Co-founders Joe Marks (left) and Dave Blistein scour the globe to find artisans who are passionate about creating high quality bath products. We're featuring their
exfoliating bath set, which includes the company's signature sea loofa soap. It’s a vegetable-based soap that combines nourishing shea butter and exfoliating seaweed. The set also includes two Japanese-style cedar brushes. The 6-inch sisal nail brush is made with natural vegetable fibers, and the 13-inch bath brush has massaging knobs on one side and boar bristles on the other side for a good scrub.

While Baudelaire looks globally to import its product, the company thinks locally when it comes to philanthropy and community involvement. Joe and Dave donate revenue and products to regional healthcare and education initiatives, and they encourage employees to volunteer. They also use recyclable materials (even collecting and reusing packing peanuts) wherever possible. For men and women, the choice to use Bauldelaire’s bath products is one you can feel good about… in more ways than one.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • David

    Greeting from the wilds of southern New Hampshire, where the lilacs are flowering, the fish are jumping, and the black flies couldn't be happier. Ever since 1988, we've been wandering the world in search of authentic regional bath products from small, often out-of-the-way, family-owned companies just like us. Thanks to Daily Grommet we can spend the day introducing you to our Bath Brush Set and our idiosyncratic views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of cleanliness.

    If you spend as much time gardening as we do this time of year, you know how good it feels to get a massage from a friend, loved one, or paid professional. But sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. Our 13" Massage Brush features wooden "knobs" on one side to rub those sore muscles and gentle bristles on the other to clean where it's hard to reach and scratch where it itches. The exfoliating Sea Loofa Soap is our bestselling soap of all time, eliciting the kind of ecstatic reactions from customers that are usually saved for after the bath. We've combined them with a Sisal Nail Brush so, after all these years, you can finally obey your mother and get your fingernails really clean before dinner.

    This collection is de rigueur (see, we do import from France!) for any bathroom and makes a great gift. Plus, the soap is natural, and all the materials used in the brushes are from renewable sources.

    We'll be checking in to chat during the day—ready to answer your questions, comment on your comments, and make the occasional irrelevant but amusing remark. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Kate
    5/11/2010 1:39 PM

    What does the loofa seaweed soap smell like?

  • David
    David – Special Guest
    5/11/2010 1:50 PM

    First of all, it does not smell of the seaweed (which has been dried and finely ground). "Refreshing" and "clean" are probably the best words. Definitely good for men and woman. One customer wrote us: "So hard to find a good soap that isn't too feminine." At the same time, a female customer wrote:"Leave this soap in a lingerie drawer. Your undies smell fantastic." (We're still not sure whether to be pleased or disturbed by that one.) Very fresh. Very distinctive. Hope that helps!

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    5/11/2010 3:12 PM

    This sounds like a wonderful way to kick your shower up a notch!

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