Hanky Panky

The One-Size-Fits-All Thong

One Size Fits...

All? Really??

When my colleagues told me about Hanky Panky thongs and their one-size-fits-all sizing, I frowned in disbelief. You see, they’re somewhere around size two. And depending on the season, I’m what you get when you multiply two by a number greater than five, sometimes greater than seven.

So I couldn’t really figure out how it would work. How could the same bit of lacy fabric stretch around my hips, and stay up around theirs?

But yes, through some phenomenal feat of lingerie engineering, this thong fits…
all of us.

And now that I’ve stopped frowning, I’m smiling. Because not only does it fit, it flatters. And it looks good under clothes (no visible panty lines, no creeping up above the waistband), and it feels good. Actually, I don’t feel it AT ALL when I’m wearing it, and I think that’s the whole point.
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Hanky Panky Thong Panty
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Emily

    Yep, team Grommet is loving these thongs. Have any of you tried Hanky Panky products before? Can't wait to read your comments!

  • Barbara
    Barbara – Grommet Team
    10/28/2008 12:05 PM

    I was not a believer. Comfortable thong? Clearly, that had to be an oxymoron. It took a handful of my good friends (and they know who they are!) to recommend Hanky Panky as a truly comfortable thong -- the perfect solution when you just don't want panty lines. And they were right! Now I'm a believer. Take it from us, if you aren't already a Hanky Panky fan, give them a try. You'll be glad you did!

  • Sara
    10/28/2008 12:13 PM

    This thong is the most comfortable thong ever made. Never once did I feel like I was wearing dental floss, nor was there ever a need to readjust because of an annoying wedgie. Once you wear this thong you will toss all of your other thongs out and wear the hanky panky thong forever.

  • Bridget
    10/28/2008 1:00 PM

    Ok, I am taking your word for it, so I got started on my Christmas shopping today! Hugs!

  • Derek
    10/28/2008 1:19 PM

    Hi Jules,

    Nice grommet! Of course men (all) think they're sexy. Hope everything is going well.

  • Bill Lumbergh
    Bill Lumbergh
    10/28/2008 1:27 PM

    Do you have any photos/videos of models wearing it?

  • Jules
    10/28/2008 1:54 PM

    Derek, Yeah I pretty much figured as such. And some of my colleagues agree it's a good look. But I am not in that camp...however Barbara told me "you might need more junk in your trunk." That cracked me up. I will leave it at that--don't you dare reply!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer – Grommet Team
    10/28/2008 2:11 PM

    If you have never tried thong underwear, Hanky Panky is the brand to start with. They really are that comfortable and really do not show panty lines. Really...Have fun and treat yourself!!!

  • Frances Dickenson
    Frances Dickenson
    10/28/2008 2:13 PM

    Wow, BH, these look interesting! It's worth a try since all others I've tried have....er....gone south on me.... Hope that's not TMI!

  • Steve
    10/28/2008 2:14 PM

    Are they available in the shade of red that Jules is turning?

  • Newton
    10/28/2008 2:15 PM

    I bought some of these for my wife after reading about the company in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal. She loves them and has bought more herself. And yes they are sexy.


  • Louise
    10/28/2008 3:12 PM

    The "I do" pair is great for anyone don't you think ?

  • Debbie
    10/28/2008 3:42 PM

    I own a pair..everyone said you must try them, they are so comfortable. if wearing thongs is your thing..these are the ones to have. they are soo comfortable...buy a pair today!!

  • Jill
    10/28/2008 4:25 PM

    I agree. Its a thong without the thong "feel". (and very pretty)

  • joanne
    joanne – Grommet Team
    10/28/2008 4:43 PM

    In our search for Daily Grommets we found great interest and curiosity on the subject of thong panties. Almost every woman we know had a story...a good story. So we set out to find the best thong panty to answer the question .....Can I wear one? We discovered that ...Yes you can!

  • JC
    10/28/2008 6:33 PM

    Couldn't agree more Joanne ... 3 kids later, can't imagine a thong would be my thing. I'll definitely give it a shot, though. No more panty lines would definitely work for me (love all the colors by the way!).

  • Katheryn
    10/28/2008 6:50 PM

    Yes--they are totally the best hands-down according to most girls I know!!

  • sara
    10/29/2008 9:28 AM

    The "You Go Girl!" Thong Panty!

    OK, truth be told, I felt like I was "not worthy" of a thong panty. My body is not perfect (whose is after kids? although I thought it was before kids, but it probably wasn't) and walking by them in the store, I felt, well....., judged!! Not good enough. Excluded. These Hanky Pankys are fun and comfortable and pretty and make me feel that way too! Let's face it, we all come in different shapes and sizes....these panties say You Go Girl! just the way you are!

  • my2boys
    10/30/2008 12:37 PM

    I love these panties and am soooo glad you gave them a try! They are my favorite! Until trying them about a year ago I couldn't even begin to imagine why anyone or how anyone could wear a thong... now I know!

  • Kim Rossi
    Kim Rossi
    11/5/2008 12:02 PM

    I have loved Hanky Panky for years now. It's comfortable AND cute. How can you go wrong?!

  • Debbie
    11/6/2008 3:11 PM

    Okay, I gave up on the thongs because I just couldn't find one that was comfortable. Always felt like there was something...you know up my butt!!! I had heard so much about these Hanky Panky's and thought about it but just never saw them anywhere until...I saw them on the Daily Grommet. I decided to take a chance and WOW they really are comfortable. You really don't even know you have any thing on! And I love all the colors they come in. I will admit they are a bit pricey to have a pair for everyday so a few as a treat is nice!!

    Thanks Joanne & Jules!

    Debbie :)

  • Jules
    12/6/2008 10:26 AM

    I just tried the low rise...not for me. Way too low. If you are taking the leap for the first time, stick to the medium rise.

  • Jennifer Rosen
    Jennifer Rosen
    1/26/2009 7:55 AM

    Hanky Panky is the only thing I wear, even to the gym!!

  • Rhonda
    1/28/2009 7:06 AM

    I bought a few pair of the Hanky Panky a while back and LOVE them. I didn't like the price of them but they are SOOOO Comfy....thank you!!

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