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Little Giants

The Grommet Purpose

Since 2008, we’ve made small biz our small biz—giving entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators a platform to showcase their big ideas.

Grommet is for ingenious, “how’d-they-think-of-that” products that do some good (or do something better). For small giants who dream above their weight class. For little changes that add up—like buying what you believe in. And we’re for thoughtful, personal curation that brings all of this directly to our customers.

What sets us apart is that we review every single brand that goes onto our site. We really pride ourselves on delivering unique products that our customers can trust.

—Karina, Senior Merchandise Manager

Thoughtful Products.

Touchless Vacuum/Snow Globe
Curation is our specialty. Every product on our site and in our catalogs has been intentionally selected by an actual human on our team.
All year round, our pro team of cool-stuff sleuths and small-biz seekers choose Grommet products for their quality, personality, and story.

Magic Puzzle Box/Lotion Bar

Thoughtfully Curated.

Tabletop Fire Pit/Pet Hair Remover
It’s our job to unearth the best that small biz has to offer, and to make it possible for our customers to effortlessly find the hard-to-find.

Read more about our curation process with Grommet's VP of Merchandising, Meredith.

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Grown at Grommet

Big names we found before they were big.

Otter Box
Meyer's Clean Day
Goldie Blox
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