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What is a Grommet?

Unique. Innovative. Useful.

Bringing great ideas to you.

You have more choices than ever when it comes to what you buy, but quantity is not necessarily quality. At The Grommet, we do the hard work for you, seeking out small businesses and independent Makers to bring unique, innovative, amazing products to you—every day.

You want the best products available.

For your family. For your friends. For yourself. Maybe you just really want to knock it out of the park at the office gift-swap. You also want to know where the things you buy come from, and who made them.

But where do you look in a crowded marketplace?

While there are more items than ever to choose from, it’s getting harder and harder for new, innovative products to get the attention they deserve. Both online and on the shelf, major retailers rely on a “lowest common denominator” model that leaves little room for innovation.

New, amazing products are being developed every day…

Inventors, entrepeneurs, and small businesses believe they can make a difference. Through hard work and ingenuity, they’re making products that are better for you, and better for the world.

…and The Grommet discovers them!

Discovery is the heart of what we do. Every week, we seek out hundreds of brand new products. Sometimes they show up on our doorstep, and sometimes we travel the world to find them.

We test everything we sell

At the Grommet, testing products is not just someone’s job— it’s everyone’s job. We live and breathe products. Each day, we stake our reputation on bringing you a new discovery that meets the highest possible expectations: yours.

Only the very best make it into our lineup.

Fewer than 3% of the products we evaluate will make it to our site. You can rest assured that if you see it on The Grommet, it’s worth a closer look.

Find tomorrow’s “household name” on The Grommet today.

The Grommet tirelessly seeks out unique, innovative products, and works with burgeoning makers to bring them to you. We strive to be the springboard that launches bold, new ideas to the heights they deserve.

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