Wet Phone Rescue Pouch

By Absorbits

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With a wet phone rescue pouch handy, you’re always ready to save your phone from soggy accidents like spilled drinks, poolside fumbles, and puddle drops. The slim pouch is lined with absorbent silica that pulls moisture out of the phone. And it’s reusable, too, for many oops-related saves.

  • Materials: Desiccated silica & nylon
  • Instructions: After submersion in water, turn off cell phone immediately & remove phone case. Promptly remove battery (if able) and wipe down all components with soft cloth. Place phone (and battery) inside the Absorbits pouch. Wait for 12-24 hours before attempting to use again
  • Helps to repair and protect cell phones from water damage
  • Case quickly dries smartphones by extracting water from the device
  • Sleek, simple design is reusable and has padded walls for protection
  • Great for travel, outdoor adventures, pool parties, and unexpected accidents
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 4.75" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.75 lb.

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I thankfully have yet to need or use this device but purchased one for the day when the unthinkable happens. Therefore I carry it with me so that it's always handy. It's more portable than a bag of rice. I'm so glad to be prepared.More > < Less

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If your phone gets wet, this saves the day.

About Absorbits

Wet Phone Rescue

When Elliot Harris needed a wet phone rescue, he tried the bowl of uncooked rice trick. That dried out his phone (yay!), but the rice grains got stuck in the charging port, rendering it useless (boo!). Absorbits is his neater, easier, and more effective solution to drying phones out.

The slim, lightweight pouch is made with absorbent silica that extracts moisture from your phone to help it fully dry out. And it can be used again and again for many oops-related moments with a puddle, pool, or spilled drink. It’s great to keep handy for just-in-case use.