Lumen Candle Refill Wax

By Adam Frank

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Here’s clean-burning fuel for your lumen candles, so they can continue to cast shadowy projections on your wall.

  • For use in conjunction with Lumen Candle Shadow Projector only
  • Made in the USA: Brooklyn, NY
  • Materials: Odorless liquid wax
  • Includes 2 odorless liquid wax cell refills
  • Disposable and last for at least 17 hours
  • Clean burning and contain liquid votive
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4" diameter
  • Weight: 1 lb.
Decorate a whole wall with 1 candle.

About Adam Frank

Shadow Show

Brooklyn-based installation artist, Adam Frank, experiments with light to create shadowy magic. His Made in the USA lumen candles burn clean and cast intricate designs on your wall.

Each stainless steel luminary has a tiny tree attached. It comes to life when you turn the lights off. The projected silhouette almost gives the impression of leaves rustling in the wind.

Adam Frank lumen candles are fueled by clean-burning liquid and come equipped with two containers of it to keep the light—and shadows—going.

When it’s not lit, this candle adds a minimalist touch, and once you light it, it makes a room-sweeping difference.