FireLighter Kit

By Adirondack Firestone Co.

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Heirloom-quality fire starter kit. Kit includes everything you need to get your fire started: a stoneware pot, a reusable FireStone, a steel handle, and one bottle of candle & lamp oil. Each ceramic pot is crafted in small batches so that each product is beautifully unique.

  • Includes durable, one of a kind stoneware pot
  • Features reusable FireStone and steel handle
  • One bottle of Candle & Lamp Oil included with each set
  • Stoneware pot is crafted in small batches, hand-glazed, and hand-numbered, so that each is beautifully unique
  • A bottle of oil lasts for 5 - 10 fires
  • Please note: This product is meant for use with open fireplaces with a lifted grate for wood. Do not use with wood stoves, wood inserts, and gas fueled fireplaces
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 19" x 12" x 11"
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

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Extremely efficient

1/4/2016 by Heather

We purchased this product in November 2015. We haven't had the chance to use it as much as anticipated due to an abnormally warm winter so far, but the times in which we have built a fire, this device was all that it claimed to be. Our house is heated with LP gas and sometimes the heating bills in the winter are very high, so we supplement our heat as often as we can with our fireplace. I usually arrive home before my husband and I have to get dinner started so I don't have time to fool around getting a fire started by crinkling up newspaper, splitting kindling and blowing on the fire to make sure it lights well. Now, I can start a fire within just a couple of minutes and then start supper while listening to the crackle of a roaring fire! After we experienced for ourselves how well this product worked, we purchased one for my father in law for Christmas.More > < Less



12/26/2015 by Paul

Amazing. Love it. Small, looks nice next the the fire place and lights the logs in minutes. I have already bought 3 more as gifts. It's a must have for fire loversMore > < Less


Stress Free Fire Starting

12/3/2015 by Carrie

I was going to save this for Christmas but, gave it to my husband early. He said it was the best present ever! It is remarkable how easy it is to start a fire! No more fire starters!More > < Less


Our dogs love it!

11/28/2015 by Marta

We've had no end of trouble getting fires going in our downstairs fireplace when it's really cold, due to the shorter than normal stack. We got more smoke inside the house than outside sometimes when the fire was trying to catch, and the dogs used to run for cover thinking the house was on fire.

I've had the FireLighter Kit on my wishlist for several years, and finally ordered it after the first fire of the 2015 winter. My husband was so exasperated that I'd have paid twice as much just to end the hassle of getting a fire going. When it arrived and we'd allowed the firestone to soak up the candle oil, it was like a miracle when the fire caught right away. I would recommend it to anyone. If this doesn't work for you, you're not using it right!
More > < Less



11/24/2015 by Kim

I am so happy with this purchase! First of all, it is a beautiful compliment to my fireplace. Second of all, it works! I no longer have to deal with newspaper smoking me out or buying starter logs at $5-6 a piece. A family member came over and joked with me that I just had to have a "new gadget," until she used it to start my next fire. It is now on her Christmas list!!!More > < Less

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Adirondack Firestone Company - FireLighter

About Adirondack Firestone Co.

All Fired Up

Nothing says cozy like curling up in front of a crackling fire, but you can’t get comfy until the fire gets going. Sometimes that’s a challenge, especially when you’ve just sent all your old newspapers to be recycled and there’s not a scrap of dry kindling nearby.

For foolproof fire-starting, we’re reaching for the FireLighter from Adirondack Firestone Company. It’s easy to use, you don’t need newspaper or kindling, and it works every time. Brothers Todd and Chad Keehfus teamed up to create the system, which uses an oil-soaked stone to get the flames going.

The FireLighter starter kit includes a ceramic vessel, two bottles of the company’s Candle & Lamp Oil, and a FireStone attached to a steel rod. To get started, soak the FireStone in the oil-filled vessel. Next, roll the FireStone lightly in fireplace ashes, ignite it with a match or lighter, and place the lit stone under the firewood in the fireplace. The FireLighter stone will burn for about 15 to 20 minutes, igniting the rest of the firewood.

Todd and Chad founded Adirondack Firestone Company to celebrate the charm and spirit of New York's mountainous Adirondack region. They’ve also made it a priority to work with U.S. suppliers. The ceramic vessel is handcrafted in the pottery corridor between Columbus, Ohio, and Wheeling, West Virginia, the lamp oil comes from Texas, and the steel rods are made in Greene, NY, using machinery that dates back to the early 20th century. The FireLighter kits are assembled in Syracuse, NY, at a facility that employs and trains people with developmental disabilities. From start to finish, FireLighter is hard to resist.