Micro-Thermal Bag Resealer

By Air Lock

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Use heat to seal the deal. This straightforward heat food sealer creates an airtight, water-resistant environment for your food in seconds. This means no clamps, clips and rubber bands . . . and, better yet, no AAA batteries since Air Lock is rechargeable via USB. Seal up to 500 bags per charge, then slip it in a drawer or hang it on the fridge with the integrated magnet. You’ll throw away less food, save more money, and create less waste.

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Includes thermal sealer and micro-USB charging cable
  • Creates airtight seal on any plastic bag
  • Great for chips, crackers, inner cereal bags, baking goods, and freezer food bags
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Seals over 500 times on single charge
  • Built-in magnet sticks to fridge or dishwasher
  • Low-profile, compact design fits in kitchen drawer
  • Safety lock
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1" x 1" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.08 lb.

64 Reviews (3.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Handy little gadget

10/14/2017 by Karen

I have been using a device like this for years as a scrapbooker (it stops ribbon ends from fraying & cuts end off cleanly) so I am familiar with the delicate nature of this device. It almost does all it claims to do (except cleanly slice the excess off) by resealing the bag; however, to achieve this you must turn it on, give it a small amount of time to warm up, and go slowly over the bag. It helps if the bag opening is smooth, so don't crumple it. It doesn't bother me that it doesn't cut off the excess. I can use it 5 times or so without having to recharge it, which works very well! And it has a nifty magnet to stick to the fridge.

Worth $15 & handling? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes.
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No more rubber bands or bag clips

10/9/2017 by Jocelyn

A little tricky to use until you get use to it. Nifty idea.


Handy gadget

10/4/2017 by Dana

Very prompt service and the dealer works very well.


so easy to use...

8/10/2017 by Janet

I use this on all my snack bags and salads. Salads are not going bad any more and so easy to use!


Most Useful Gadget in the Kitchen

6/26/2017 by Casey

I've had the Air Lock for a few weeks now and have nothing but a good experience with it. Not only is it quick to charge but easy and quick to use. With the magnet on the back, I just stick it right on my fridge and I'm good to grab and go. This has been the most useful and innovative tool in my kitchen to date. Thanks Freshetech!More > < Less

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How long can your food last?

About Air Lock

Fresh Food

Keep your food fresher longer with this food vacuum sealer and heat sealer. Air Lock gadgets help you preserve your favorite snacks and meals, easily.

To close up bags with an airtight, water-resistant seal (think: chips, crackers, cereal, and baking goods), use their heat sealer. It’s rechargeable via USB (hooray for no AAA batteries) and will seal up to 500 bags on a single charge. The folks from Air Lock even thought to put a magnet on the sealer, so you can keep this handy food freshness device on your fridge door.

Or, to take all the air out of a bag, use the Air Lock vacuum sealer. It will create a vacuum seal in just 30 seconds. This sealer comes with freezable, leak-proof bags that make food last three times longer, marinate meat in minutes, and won’t get freezer burn.

Besides keeping things fresher, you’ll save some money and waste less food, too. Go ahead and cook in bulk. You can seal in freshness in seconds.