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AMPY is a green way to gain some extra backup for flat or nearly dead batteries. It harnesses the energy you create when moving and converts it to usable power. Put it on your leg while exercising or toss it in your bag while you’re out and about. For the best results, charge AMPY in the wall and then maintain the charge with daily activity. The accessory kit includes a band to wear AMPY on your arm or leg, a hip-clip to wear it on your belt, and a USB/micro-USB cable.

  • Made in the USA: Elgin, IL
  • Materials: plastic & electronic components
  • Designed with curved shape and sweat-proof finish for comfortable wear
  • Generates up to 5 hours of standby battery life per day with 1 hour of exercise—stores up to a full smartphone charge
  • Charge through motion or through wall plug—LED lights indicate charge level
  • Features USB and micro-USB slots on the bottom of the device and an 1800 mAh battery
  • Great for capturing energy from walking, running, cycling, and other human or pet motion
  • Accessory kit includes armband, USB/micro-USB cable, and hip-clip
  • Dimensions: 3.3" x 3.3" x 1.3"
  • Weight: 0.41 lb.

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Great Device


So far have had great success. I travel a lot so just sliding this on my pants while walking the airport gives me the extra juice I need without struggling to find a plug in at the airport. I love it!More > < Less


great product...might need some work


This is a wonderful concept, turned into a product that uses movement to produce electricity. the only down side is that it seems to require a great deal of sustained movement to charge it up. That is good encouragement to get a cardio workout, however, and I am glad I purchased it.More > < Less


no meaningful charge gain from activity


I thought I might at least be able to use this as a back-up battery for my phone since I'm fairly active. However, after the last 2 weeks, with 200 total miles of running & biking activity + wearing it all day at work wear I climb stairs etc. It has gone from 1 light to 1 light. Total charge gain when I use it on my phone: 0%. I realize the battery may not charge as well when near-fully discharged, but if I didn't gain anything from this much activity I seriously doubt the claim that carrying it around in your bag is going to give you any extra charging time. Basically, it seems like the idea is for you to keep it 95% charged from the wall, then congratulate yourself when you maybe see a tiny gain from activity. If you want truly green energy that works, buy a solar charger/battery combo. I have one that was cheaper than this, gets full charge in about 8hrs in sun, and can charge two phones from that.More > < Less




Nobody can move as much as this thing needs...

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Now you’re a power outlet.

About AMPY

You're Powerful

AMPY is a wearable motion charger—this kinetic energy battery turns your movements into power. The more vigorous your activity, the more energy you will generate. It’s a green way to get some extra backup for flat or nearly dead batteries.

Three friends pursing their engineering PhDs created AMPY. Founders Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier, and Alex Smith thought about how all of the energy we expend is wasted. To find a way to capture that energy and make it useful, they developed prototype after prototype and spent hundreds of hours testing their designs.

For the best results, charge AMPY in the wall and then maintain the charge with daily activity. Indicator lights show how full it is, and check in with the companion app to see how much energy you’re generating and using. Place AMPY on the part of you that’s moving the most, like legs when walking, or toss it in your bag if you’re hiking.

AMPY is a convenient travel or emergency back-up charger, and a great introduction to green energy—completely powered by you.