5 Pack Flower Arranger with Gems

By Annabelle Noel Designs

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Hand-woven bendable grid provides structure and support for flower arranging.

  • Materials: Powder-coated galvanized steel wire
  • Each Value Pack includes: 5 Easy Arrangers in every size, 5 Floral Design Cards, Set of Dangle Gems
  • Hand-woven bendable grid
  • Easy Arranger diameter should be larger then the mouth of the vase
  • To change water while keeping floral design intact, lift Easy Arranger™, change water, and return
  • Made in China, Honduras, and the USA
  • 4 inch arranger: For vases up to 3.75" in diameter
  • 5 inch arranger: For vases up to 4.75" in diameter
  • 6 inch arranger: For vases up to 5.75" in diameter
  • 8 inch arranger: For vases up to 9.75" in diameter
  • 4 inch square arranger: For 4" square vases
  • Dangle Gems: Approx. 1"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

27 Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Super convenient


It turns an ordinary arrangement into an extraordinary one in seconds flat!


Great Idea!!


This device makes flower arranging so simple and makes others think that I really have a talent when in fact you can't go wrong if you just follow the directions. Great idea.More > < Less


The answer to my prayers


I just love the flower arrangers. Since i put flowers in many different sized containers, I now have everyone covered with the new metal grids. Every arrangement looks so professional; I just love them;More > < Less


Works Beautifully !!


It`s now very easy to make a beautiful flower arrangement. I couldn`t make one to save my life before! We now have fresh cut flowers on our counter most every day.More > < Less


Very nice


Work's great. Gems are a plus.

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Annabelle Noel Designs - Easy Arranger

About Annabelle Noel Designs

Flower Arranging 101

Ever feel like you’re not doing justice to the beautiful fresh-cut flowers of summer? Are your arrangements droopy or lopsided? Overcrowded or too skimpy? We’ve found the cure for amateur-looking arrangements. It’s a simple wire grid that fits over the mouth of a vase and adds support so that stems stay upright and have the breathing room they need. With Easy Arranger you can still get creative and dream up your own flower arrangements -- the vase topper just helps you execute the designs like a pro.

Easy Arranger comes to us from Annabelle Noel Designs, a firm with a mission to launch innovative household products designed and manufactured exclusively by women. The founder is Anne Cork, who tapped her jewelry-making skills to create Easy Arranger after being inspired by the tape grids she saw florists using to hold their flowers in place.

Each wire grid is woven by hand, not by a machine. Easy Arranger comes in a variety of diameters to fit different vase sizes. It’s simple to work with, especially when it comes time to change the water: You just lift up your entire arrangement and use the flexible grid to keep it intact until you’re ready to return the flowers to the vase. Easy does it!