Anthoimmune Elderberry Syrup

By Maine Medicinals

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Delivers therapeutic levels of antioxidants. It combines organic elderberries, which are traditionally used to fight cold and flu-like symptoms, with organic elderflowers and organic wild blueberries. Suggested dosage: 1-2 tsp. daily.

  • Materials: Organic elderberries, organic elder flowers, and organic wild Maine blueberries
  • Estimated Glycemic Load of less than one
  • USDA-certified Organic by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association)
  • Adults: 1-2 tsp. daily; Intensive use: 1-4 tsp., 4 times daily
  • Children 6-12 years: half of the adult dosage
  • Children 2-5 years: 0.25 - 0.5 tsp. daily
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or intend to give this product to a child under 2, please consult your health care professional prior to use
  • Contains less than 5% organic grain alcohol
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 4.5" x 4.5" x 7.75"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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Better Than Antibiotics

1/6/2018 by Kathy

I used the last bottle of this recently when I started to develop symptoms of a cold, I was feeling better in less than 2 days and I didn't even use the whole bottle. I'd definitely use this again if half a heartbeat. It tastes good too! It definitely gave a boost to my immune function. My colds always morph into
bronchitis, so I'm glad I had this product available.
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Taste good!

6/16/2017 by Mom to 3 Cats

Good taste and easy to use, just started using it and hope it works!


Tastes good

5/4/2017 by Virginia

With everyone getting colds I have been taking it regular to help my immune system.


Awesome !

5/3/2017 by Mary

This is I believe my 3 bottle purchased if this. Since taking this organic elderberry sera up her usually get about 5 to 6 sinus infections a year I have not had one in the last year now I went for a check up the other day my doctor asked what I was doing differently since she had not seen me for sinus infections and especially with allergy season here my sinuses usually go crazy. I told her about the organic elderberry sera up that I was taking and definitely noticed a difference in my immune system. Great stuff I've told lots of family members about it who also get sick quite often
I will definitely continue to purchase this as it save me a lot of visits to the doctors office
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Nice Taste

4/14/2017 by Donald

Loved it.

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Maine Medicinals - Organic Elderberry Syrup

About Maine Medicinals

It’s all in the berries

Did you know the elderberry has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any berry in the world? It’s no surprise to Edie and Geo Johnston, who run the largest organic elderberry orchard in the U.S.

The mother-son team founded Maine Medicinals with a mission to create plant-based medicines and herbal supplements from organic, sustainable sources. Their anthoimmune Elderberry Syrup combines elderberries, elderflowers, and wild Maine blueberries (grown by Geo’s sister Lindsay) to deliver a powerful antioxidant punch. The syrup is designed for everyday use, to promote immune strength and help fight flu symptoms. You can take it straight (elderberries taste a bit like figs) or add it to a beverage, such as tea or a smoothie.

The natural benefits of elderberries have been lauded for centuries. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, touted the health-giving properties of elderberries back in the fifth century B.C. With Edie and Geo’s elderberry syrup, you get the benefits of ancient herbal traditions—combined with the reassurance that Maine Medicinals is a certified organic processor and manufacturer of standardized nutraceuticals and herbal supplements. It’s the ideal ancient-modern combo.