Soap Pebble Assortment

By Arghand Cooperative

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Handcrafted soap pebbles all made in Afghanistan.

  • Materials: Palm oil, well water, coconut oil, lye, cold pressed pomegranate seed oil and several of the following: cold-pressed sweet almond, wild almond, anise, apricot kernel, castor, cumin, hemp, or wild pistachio oils; rosewater, water of wild mint, or salvia spinosa; essential oils of Artemisia cina, Artemisia persica, wild mint, or Salvia spinosa; and steeped vegetable dyes
  • Packaged in a clear cellophane bag and tied with a rope
  • Made and molded by hand from the fruit crops and botanicals of Southern Afghanistan
  • An assortment of pebbles includes five of the following: Amandine, Anisette, Desert Fields, Elixir of Artemis, Kandahar Rose, Mountain Herb, Pomegranate, or Thorn Blossom
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.5" each pebble
  • Weight: 0.05 lb.

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Gorgeous! And soapy!


Wonderful hand soaps! I bought also a good soap dish (from someone else) so glad I got these! A new favorite and so glad it helps a community that is fighting for life - in a good way.More > < Less


Love 'em ! Soap as art !


These stunning "stones" put a delightful grin on my face every time. Not only are they gorgeous, but, their size & shape fit into my cupped hands gracefully as well.More > < Less


Thank You Gifts


These arrived (I bought 3 sets) and were even more lovely than described. Perfect for "bread and butter" gifts or for the gift closet.




love this product...they actually look like stones! Would really like to have the story behind it included in with the is so compelling and I believe it would help you sell more!More > < Less


Pretty !


Love these rock soaps for decor in the bathroom. When taken out of their individual plastic wrap they look like real natural stones. I just set them around. Guests are enchanted.More > < Less

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Arghand Cooperative - Soap from Afghanistan

About Arghand Cooperative

Washing Away the Opium Trade

Think of farming in Afghanistan and you probably think of one crop: opium poppy. More than 90% of the world’s opium supply comes from this tiny war-torn nation. Competing with the opium industry isn’t easy, but Sarah Chayes is encouraging farmers in southern Afghanistan to plant crops like apricots, pomegranates, and almonds instead. These legendary fruits of the Kandahar region are used to produce all natural skincare products through a cooperative called Arghand. Arghand was started by Sarah, a former National Public Radio reporter, in 2005. Its signature soap pebbles are crafted using age-old techniques. Each one takes six weeks to make. The result is a dense and long-lasting soap that resembles a beautiful stone polished by river water.

In the years since Sarah started Arghand, conditions in Afghanistan have remained unimaginably challenging. There had been talk of folding, but instead of giving up, Arghand is expanding, launching new skincare products to complement its soap pebbles. The new products include Desert Fields Body Lotion and Hydrating Antioxidant Face Cream, both of which blend wild pistachio oil with cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil and the distinctive perfume of Artemisia persica. There’s also Essence of Rose Face Cream, which is made by drenching fresh rose petals in sweet almond oil, and Anisette Lip Balm, which combines anise oil with almond, apricot and pomegranate oils.

Arghand means “triumphant” in Persian — and the cooperative’s survival in such a perilous place is truly a triumph. It’s an inspiration to supporters near and far, including Connie Moralez, whose husband, Staff Sergeant Christopher Neal Piper, died from injuries sustained in Afghanistan in 2005. “I live every day trying to do something to make things better somehow in Afghanistan,” Connie says. “I buy small quantities of soap to give to people I think would be interested in helping to make Afghanistan a better place to live.”