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Combines massage and aromatherapy into one portable product. T spheres are an innovative and unique self-massage tool that soothe sore muscles.

  • Each T spheres set includes: two T spheres, 3ml infuser, and instructional brochure in a portable jute drawstring bag
  • Ingredients: PEP-UP-MINT: peppermint; PERK-UP: peppermint and grapefruit
  • Materials: double purified rubber compound, natural essential oils
  • Care: rinse with cool water and refresh only with T spheres essential oils
  • No chemicals- only all natural essential oils
  • Massage therapy can help: improve range of motion, enhance immunity, release endorphins, improve circulation, and lessen depression and anxiety
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: PEP-UP-MINT: 27mm; PERK-UP: 45mm

Peppermint's Beneficial Qualities:

  • Natural decongestant 
  • Improves concentration 
  • Relieves stomach and gastro-intestinal ailments such as indigestion and travel sickness. 
  • Natural pain reliever (headache relief) 

Grapefruit's Beneficial Qualities:

  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Detoxifier
  • Antidepressant

22 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)



by for Aromatherapy Massage Balls

I bought the therapy balls for my wife. She likes them very much and tells her friends about them.

Tom Roberts


Loved these!

by for Aromatherapy Massage Balls

Great product - I am a reflexologist and clients love them to hold or to roll around their face and neck. I use them on the feet too and they are just the right size. Makes a great gift for anyone. Smell is wonderful - would like some choice of fragrances though in the small size.


very soothing

by for Aromatherapy Massage Balls

I love the scent and it very relaxing!



by for Aromatherapy Massage Balls

effective and adorable


Developer of T Spheres

by for Aromatherapy Massage Balls

I am writing this as a review in order to clear up a few misunderstandings for the dissatisfied customers online here at Grommet.

For Overpriced:
Organic apples cost more than GMO apples.
Prada bags cost more than the knock off bags sold on Canal street. The rubber compound that is a t spheres ball goes through several proprietary steps (molding, purification and infusion)to become that little ball and to be safe for human skin contact. The aromatherapy infusion is a precise amount to allow the oils to bind into the compound so it is not oily.

For EH:
Your level of pressure needs some professional advice - which is what I am here for. Try rolling them across your body and not placing them underneath. Visit tspheres.com for more how to videos by experts in the field.

For Balls?:
1. Do not let your dog play with the t spheres - they are not a dog toy and the compound will crumble if Fido ( i love this dog name and use it quite often) chooses to chew it - the product is not meant for the mouth of any animal or human.
2. If you get a set that has no aroma - first try applying massage pressure to it so the aroma releases from the compound - the body heat can ignite the aroma to release. If nothing is accomplished then...this is a faulty set - even Apple and Audi have some manufacturing mishaps. Although, most of the time the set has been exposed to extreme temperatures in transport. The other reason is that some sets could have missed the final infusion step in production. The t spheres set is infused more than once in production - which - if all steps are not completed then the aromatherapy essential oil disperses sooner than it should. T Spheres has a policy to replace any faulty set. With all businesses, of course you have to return the set to get a new one. Simple business procedure.
3. Correct you can not spray a drop! Thank you for catching an oversight that no other person has for the past 4 years. Gold Star for proofreading! We do hope you realize that you spray one or two pumps?/sprays? to re-infuse. ( Is there a better word to help explain, we dedicate our entire career to helping people de-stress the last thing we want is to cause any) The directions explain that when you re-infuse the base is jojoba so it is best to use direct on skin OR place back in it's pouch for at least 30 minutes for it to be absorbed.
4. We would be happy to send a fresh set + give you your money back and look forward to your review next time :)

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t spheres - aromatherapy-infused massage balls

About t spheres

Time To Relax

With our jam-packed lives tossing us in every direction, who has the time for a massage? What if you could provide your own DIY mini-massage that includes aromatherapy without going to the spa.

Practicing massage therapist Stephanie Whittier has come up with THE solution: t spheres. After 22 years in the business and a thorough study of pain management, Stephanie created these amazing massage spheres that release a calm, soothing aroma of 100% natural essential oils. The scents are based on essential oils like mint for energy; lavender for relaxation; grapefruit for detoxifying or rose
geranium as an anti-inflammatory. The double purified rubber compound balls should be rolled gently on the sore area to treat a variety of problems from headache to foot pain. The spheres smell good and work wonders.

T spheres can be reinfused with an oil of choice, can be chilled in the freezer (good for chasing down that headache) or placed for a few seconds in the microwave to relieve pain in other areas. They come in a small portable jute drawstring bag, making them perfect for traveling--a welcome gift for the road warrior.

Take a little time to relax with t spheres; the at-home massage system that smells good and feels great.

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