6Sense Technology Tempered Glass

By Avant Guard

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More than a screen protector that protects against scratches and falls, this tempered glass acts as a touchscreen extender. That means it magically moves functions from the screen’s top corners to the bottom—on either side of the home button. Those invisible buttons are easily within thumbs’ reach. Now using your iPhone with one hand is no problem.

  • Materials: 9H hardness tempered glass
  • Care: Clean with microfiber cloth (included)
  • Provides easy, one-handed access to ‘top screen’ functions
  • Made with Olephobic coating to prevent fingerprint smudges and repel oil
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass provides unobstructed view of phone screen
  • Bubble-­free adhesive allows for easy, seamless installation
  • Glass made in Japan, cut in China
  • Note: 6Sense may limit touch response in upper corners of display, and is not recommended for use by heavy mobile gamers
  • Dimensions: 1.37" x 5.13"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

9 Reviews (2.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Not much sense

1/15/2017 by Yolanda

The concept is great but it doesn't work in actuality. If there are tabs on the top and bottom, it does not differentiate. If there's only tabs on the top, repeatedly pressing does not guarantee it will do as you request. Just pressing the intended tab itself requires several attempts.More > < Less


Good concept but need improvement.

4/21/2016 by Tiger

I was an android user for over a decade and when I switched to Apple, I hate not having a back button. This solved that but not without complications. There are multiple menus at the top of both corners on most apps that I use (especially web browsers). The frustration comes when I am trying to access a menu next to the one on the corner, and I have to hit it multiple times for it to go through. Like the other person who reviewed this product, there are diminished response on the upper corners of the screen which adds to the frustration. I still have time to test it some more before I decide if its right for me. Good concept, but need improvement.More > < Less


Doesn’t work!

9/2/2017 by Monica

Waste of money. And I bought two. One as a gift and one for me. And I agree with one of the reviewers. You just double tap on home button and the screen comes down so you can go back or do whatever you want. Just learned it here from her. Wastes of money. And not only that. I can’t return them because they’ve already been out and on the phone. Awful! Piece of junk.More > < Less



6/29/2016 by Patience

Unfortunately the Avant Guard 6 Sense screen protector didn't at work at all☹️. Breaks easy and didn't protect my screen, my screen broke. The sixth sense sensor did not work either. Definitely wasted money.More > < Less

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This screen protector does things yours doesn't.

About Avant Guard

One-Hand Phone

No more overstretching your thumbs. This touchscreen extender lets you access functions from the bottom of your phone instead of the top.
The tempered glass screen protector creates invisible buttons on your iPhone by adding a touch-sensitive layer on top of the screen. Those buttons transport functions from the upper corners of the screen down to one on each side of the home button—just by tapping the white space. Now any app you use that has those top buttons—like email, Instagram, or notes—is much simpler to use.
Your hand creates the conductivity that powers the touch sensitive technology, so you need to be holding your phone for it to work. On top of the invisible button magic, an Olephobic coating helps prevent fingerprint smudges, and the glass is scratch-resistant. It’s easier to use your iPhone—especially one-handed—with the functions you want easily within thumbs’ reach.