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Perfectly Prepped Produce

Eating clean and healthy has just gotten easier with the convenience of the Avoloop. The number of times avocados, mangos or bell peppers have been butchered due to difficult peeling is too high to count. The Avoloop solves these preparation difficulties with a versatile peel and preparation tool applicable to numerous fruits and vegetables.

Founded by Kevin Kimsey, a former graphic design artist, the Avoloop scoops out the
edible parts of produce and makes the tool easy to use by individuals of all ages. With a tempered stainless steel wire and ergonomically shaped handle, the amount of waste is reduced and you are left with a cleanly peeled piece of produce with no sharp edges.

With summer’s arrival and the amount of fresh produce available bountiful, the Avoloop is a simple way of preparing healthy fruit and vegetables for food lovers everywhere.
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