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For a newborn, there’s nothing more soothing than being held. But constantly holding your baby can put a strain on your body and figuring out how to correctly swaddle your little one in most slings can be confusing at the best of times—never mind if you’re a sleep deprived new parent.

Meet the Lalabu Soothe Shirt. It’s a stylish top for mom, a cozy pouch for baby, and a nursing bra all in one. Manufactured in the USA from
imported fabrics, the Soothe Shirt provides all the intimacy of a wrap without the complexity.

Company founders Keri and Brian Fosse credit their creation to a mom named Lalabu who they met on a trip to Africa. Lalabu introduced them to an easy-to-use, hands-free baby wrap native to the region. Upon returning home, Keri and Brian realized that the African style of wrap was unique in its design and set out to create an American version. In addition to naming their company after the woman who inspired it, Keri and Brian donate one dollar of each sale to African women through a non-profit organization called KIVA.

The Soothe Shirt is easy to get your infant in and out of, doubles as a nursing bra, and looks like a shirt you’d wear even if you weren’t a new mom.
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