Women's Travel Sweatshirt

By BauBax

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This multi-pocket travel sweatshirt is an all-in-one solution to streamline a trip and keep everything you might need at hand. Fifteen travel essentials are built in (like an eye mask and neck pillow), and there are designated pockets for your phone, tablet, a blanket and more. And all that functionality is stealthily integrated in a sharp-looking, wear-ever jacket.

  • Materials: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Instructions: To inflate pillow, unzip to expose pillow valve, blow twice into pillow to inflate, strap up, and zip up. To deflate pillow, unzip and press valve. To fold pillow, fold side flaps one on top of the other, make sure valve side faces upwards, place folded pillow in pillow pocket and attach loop to button
  • Modern, travel friendly sweatshirt with pockets and attached accessories
  • Built-in inflatable neck pillow has 2 second inflation & one-press deflation
  • Includes built-in eye mask and gloves
  • Contains dedicated pockets for tablets, passports, sunglasses, portable chargers, and blankets
  • Water-resistant phone pocket protects electronics
  • Features neoprene-lined drink pocket and earphone holders
  • Hood is detachable
  • Double lined hand warming pockets
  • Zipper contains a stylus & pen
  • Please note: Sizes run small. For detailed sizing information, please see size chart
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 14.92" x 12.56" x 1.96"
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs.

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Well constructed, useful jacket


What amazes me is how the stretchy fabric conforms without looking bulking with items in all pockets. I'm petite and the small fits me well. Tasteful looking. Love all the detail that went into thinking through how to pack functionality into a jacket.More > < Less


Awesome except for one problem...


I love the concept of this sweatshirt, and the quality is top-notch. I want one for every member of the family when we travel via plane. One/> One problem, though. They are too SMALL. I want it roomy so I can fill up all those pockets. This is very form-fitting, it doesn't make sense.
I initially ordered a medium and thought that would give me the desired roominess. Nope. Even though I'm a size 4 US, the medium was quite snug. So I then ordered a large. Not much difference in size. I REALLY want one, but I think the biggest size is a large.
I gave the large to my son who is anorexic and seriously slim, and it fits him. But he is 5ft tall, 80 pounds, BMI of 13. He is SO tiny and the large is NOT too big on him.
More > < Less


Good idea - but didn't make it for me unfortunately


It's a great idea, but was a small make and I had to return it. The hood had too much in it. the neck pillow and pull down shade made it too bulky. The whole jacket was too heavy. Shame ... it is a good idea.More > < Less


Wrong descriptions


The hood is not detachable, most pockets are small, and there is definitely no pocket for a blanket. Very disappointing product.

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This jacket holds every darn thing you’ll need on a trip.

About BauBax

Designed For Travel

There’s a lot more to these multi-pocket travel jackets and sweatshirts than meets the eye—literally. There are 15 built-in features (and plenty of pockets) that stealthily streamline traveling and free up hands.

The durable multi-taskers are the creation of Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah. Hiral was cycling through neck pillows at a high rate—nine in three months—so Yoganshi thought up a jacket design with a built-in pillow.

From there, the couple kept solving as many travel problems as they could in one jacket—without adding unwanted bulk. So their designs include an eye mask, integrated gloves, a stylus-pen-combo in the zipper, and designated pockets for tablets, phones, drinks, and more.

The travelers among us were impressed with the functionality of the lightweight rain jacket and the cozy (but not boxy) sweatshirt. The best part? Discovering a new hidden feature each day.