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We launch undiscovered products and help them succeed; we call them Grommets. Grommets aren't just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories. We tell their story better than anyone can.

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The Grommet Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how some of our favorite Grommets have turned really great ideas into smashing successes.

  • Establish New Markets & Create New Demand

    • Back to the Roots Back to the Roots These Grow-Your-Own Mushroom kits take root in 100% recycled coffee grounds and are beloved by famed chefs, locavores, and curious kids.
    • Sugru Sugru The moldable, self-setting rubber extends the lives of everyday objects and can be used as a hardware & electronics hack.
    • Silpoura Silpoura The slip-on spout & detachable strainer is indispensable for cooking & baking, eco-conscious grease disposal, and even pouring paint.
  • Generate Nationwide Brand Awareness

    • Zipbuds Zipbuds The tangle-free earbuds were featured in The New York Times and Better Homes & Gardens - and Today and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
    • VinniBag Vinni Bag Readers in Forbes and the Boston Globe loved this eco-friendly bag designed to protect wine, liquids, and other fragile items while traveling.
    • Gleener Gleener The Ultimate Fuzz Removal Tool was cast in the ultimate Hollywood gift bag at the Academy Awards.
  • Foster Commitment to Social Good

    • Wakawaka Waka Waka For every purchase of this versatile solar-powered LED lamp, one is donated to Syrian refugees through the Dutch Refugee Foundation.
    • Haiti Projects Haiti Projects Sarah Hackett’s Haiti Projects nightgown is 100% produced by Haitian artisan women, enabling them to earn fair wages for their craft.
    • THRIVE THRIVE Farmer's Coffee Enabling farmers to help rewrite the economics of coffee, THRIVE has been championed by The New York Times and sustainability-minded coffee-lovers.
  • Facilitate Retail Partnerships

    • Malpaca Malpaca Within 10 minutes of launch, four major retailers inquired about these 100% organic alpaca pillows.
    • Better Basket Better Basket The lightweight-yet-durable mesh basket with partitions is perfect for laundry and more - now on sale at several major home stores.
    • Cookina Cookina The Grommet video about this non-stick, flexible cooking mat helped secure distribution across the U.S. & Canada.

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