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Every weekday The Grommet launches a brand new product from a Maker and entrepreneur by telling their story. This podcast takes a deeper dive into these stories. Hear firsthand what it's like to develop a product, build a company, and contribute to the next generation of innovation.

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Tactile Craftworks

Tactile Craftworks How do you commemorate your travels? Photos? Videos? Souvenirs? How about etched journals? On this episode, we talk to Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren the creators of Tactile Craftworks. They handcraft and laser cut journals that pay tribute to your favorite city. American-made for a lifetime in Milwaukee, WI, these products have Anna and Sarah’s fingerprints on them from start to finish. If you’re wondering what incredible chemistry between two founders sounds like, this episode is for you.


Elvie Ever wonder how you exercise a muscle that’s vital to your health but impossible to see? On this episode of the Meet the Maker Podcast, Tania Boler, inventor of Elvie, is going to enlighten us all on how to get kegels of steel and why they're important. If you’re on a quest for a stronger core, better sex, postpartum healing, or bladder control, listen as Tania and I dive into the benefits of Elvie, the world's most personal physical trainer.

Cuchina Safe

Cuchina Safe Susan Castriota, the Maker of Cuchina Safe, creates glass microwave lids and cooking dishes to help people avoid using plastic when cooking. The creation of her products stemmed from her breast cancer diagnosis, which could have been a podcast in itself. It caused her to reevaluate the types of consumer products she used in her life. When she learned of the dangers plastics presented when cooking or microwaving, it led to her business.

Magpie Creative

Magpie Creative If Maggi Blue, founder of Magpie Creative, had one piece of business advice it would be: just do the thing. The jeweler, artisan and web and graphic designer took that advice to heart when she started selling her own handcrafted items and when she created her signature jewelry piece, the hammered spinning ring. Made in her Maine studio from sterling silver, copper, and brass, the rings are timeless, versatile and a go-to for any fidgeter.

Timbuktu Labs

Timbuktu Labs is a media company creating interactive apps, games, and educational materials for kids. 100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is their latest and most celebrated hit as it highlights historic and contemporary women who have left their mark on the world with rich storytelling and beautiful pieces of art from dozens of female artists. On this episode, Elena Favilli — the CEO of Timbuktu Labs and the co-author of 100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls — and I discuss the inspiration of the book, the preparation for a massive success on Kickstarter, and how their work and this book have become more important in the current political climate.

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish Gavin Armstrong is the CEO of Lucky Iron Fish, a certified b-corps making actual iron fish that you can drop in a pot of soup or cup of tea to get 75% of your daily iron intake. For every Lucky Iron Fish purchased, one is donated to a family suffering from iron deficiencies - an initiative that began in Cambodia and is now being spread worldwide.

Zen Art & Design

Zen Art & Design When you think of puzzles, you think of 1,000 pieces, finding the corners, and taking hours to complete it. Zen Art Puzzles buck the traditional stereotypes. Each puzzle is laser cut from premium birchwood here in America. They're just a few hundred pieces and you can try to find the corner pieces, but there may be six of them. With piece designs ranging from traditional jigsaw to moose silhouette, Zen Art puzzles give you an imaginative way to relax. Will Carswell, one of 23 puzzle makers in the U.S. talks about the intricacies of each puzzle and the care he and his company put into each piece of his business from manufacturing in America to using eco-friendly materials for each product.

Guardian® Bells

Guardian® Bells Adam Hizme has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was a kid selling candy bars to his classmates at school. So, years later, when someone walked into his motorcycle shop looking for good luck bells he didn't have, he naturally decided to make them. With Guardian Bells, Adam is living out his dream as an entrepreneur in a field he did not expect.

Emergency Stain Rescue

Emergency Stain Rescue Graham Wasilition is an entrepreneur to the bone. With his engineering background, the Austin, Texas native co-founded a liquor distillery company then co-founded Château Spill, the red wine, grass, blood, dirt and every-other-kind-of-stain remover. Graham discusses the balance it takes to run not only one company but two, the exhilaration he experiences being on the road meeting customers, the daily challenges of running a business, and the exciting future he sees for Château Spill.


Wrapadoo started while Cynthia Saito tried to wrap and dry her young daughter's hair. After too many unsuccessful nightly routines and plenty of conversations other mothers about their haircare experiences, Cynthia noticed there were a lot of hair products on the market that dried your hair but that's it. She didn't see a product looking out for moisture balance or, most importantly, maintaining healthy hair. So she created one that not only solved a problem she faced with her daughter but herself and all women with long hair.

Shape + Store

Shape + Store Maya Liberman always wanted to run her own business. One day while making cookies with her kids, she thought it would be great to have a container to hold cookie dough and avoid the mess that occurred every time she made them. The idea took hold of her. She enlisted the help of her husband Greg and his experience in sales and marketing to flesh out a business and, more importantly, further products, like the Burger Master and it became Shape + Store.

On this special episode, The Grommet co-founders Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi discuss what prompted the start of The Grommet, the struggles and triumphs of building the business, the power of an engaged community, their experience at the National Maker Faire, and the future of the Maker Movement.