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Challenge yourself to pick up all the bells of one color before your opponents. Bellz is simple to play and cleverly contained in its own carrying case, which unzips to become the game board. It’s a simple game that’s much more challenging than it looks.

  • Materials: Neoprene zipper pouch, magnets in plastic wand, metal bells
  • Care: Wash pouch and wand gently by hand
  • Game includes: Travel pouch, magnet wand, and 40 bells in 4 colors (20 small, 12 medium, and 8 large)
  • The magnet wand has a strong magnet in one end for power moves and a less powerful one in the other end for precision pick ups
  • Zipper pouch opens to form the game arena
  • The first player to collect all 10 bells of their chosen color wins the game
  • Caution: Choking hazard for children under 3
  • For 2-4 players, ages 6+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 9" x 4" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.42 lb.

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Great game for all ages!

12/25/2015 by Marie

I gave this game to my 7 year old niece for Christmas and she absolutely loved it, she had her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and great-grandmother playing. The game was a hit with all ages, simple to play but really frustrating at times.More > < Less


Great game.

12/25/2015 by J

I bought this for my 6 and 10 year old nephews. They find it challenging, but have no trouble playing without frustration. Adults love it as well, and I am going to get one for myself.More > < Less


TTerrific and well worth the money

12/25/2015 by Jane

A wonderful family game for all ages and easy to set up, quick to learn and play, and easily transportable to take anywhere.



10/5/2015 by Patty

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my grandchildren. I can not wait to give it to them when they all spend the night with me the night before Xmas Eve. It is so cute and a great travel game. Can't wait to play it myself.More > < Less


Fabulous, Fun Game

9/29/2015 by Megan

My family loves games, and it took us less than 30 seconds to realize Bellz was a BIT HIT! The nice sound of the bells, the super cool magnet,cool magnet, the self-contained pouch/game board, the different sizes and colors of the bells (really beautiful metallic colors, by the way!)..... All these factors make Bellz really enjoyable!

Such a simple concept, yet surprisingly challenging and always very fun! It's easy to play a few quick games any time - which we do often - and it's so portable you can take it anywhere.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Bellz! :)
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Bellz - Magnetic Bells Game

About Bellz

Steady Hand

Steadily wield a magnetic wand and you may master Bellz. This simple but challenging game tasks you with picking up all the bells of one color.

Unzip the tidy carrying case, and it cleverly turns into the Bellz playing board. Waiting there are four different colors of bells, each in various sizes. Use the magnetized wand—carefully choosing the stronger or less powerful side—to attract your bells.

If you pick up bells of any other color, which can easily happen, your turn is over. It’s a balance to decide whether to push for removing several bells at once, or to play it safe and remove one at a time.

Bellz is a family fun game from Wiggles 3D, the creator of other Grommet favorites like Randomonium. It’s easy to bring along and play anywhere. And with Bellz, patience and an unwavering hand are each a virtue.